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My name is Fatima Bocoum. I am the Founder at Openletr and, sadly, a sexual abuse survivor. In January 2018, I launched Openletr with the goal to break societal and cultural boundaries to empower women to stand up, speak out, and make better daily choices.

Openletr is unabashedly feminist. We tell stories of women to change stigma around notions that have impacted perceptions of the self and others. And everything we write on, from beauty, arts and culture to feminist news and gender-based violence, is meant to help you view the world differently. We believe in having a stance, and for us that is being actors of change to amplify equal rights for women, diversity and inclusion, to free women so they can pursue their deepest aspirations. Openletr is a commitment for a better world, where societal and cultural frontiers are erased to allow the wildest imaginations to imprint on the most genuine canvases. Every woman is entitled to be.

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The Team

Samantha Ann, Writer

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Samantha is a beauty and fashion blogger and vlogger on YouTube, sharing her thoughts on everything from skincare to makeup and beyond. She tells it how it is, and isn’t afraid to tell the truth.


Ron Mwangaguhunga, Writer


Ron is a Ugandan-born cultural and political news writer, living in Brooklyn, NYC.


Fatima Bocoum, Founder


Fatima is a Chinese-born Malian citizen. She spent her upbringing traveling between Africa and the Middle-East, and now resides in New York City.