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Lovette Jallow: The Founder of BLACK VOGUE Discusses Beauty, Race, and her Mission to Overhaul the Beauty Industry

As the founder of Black Vogue, a forum for black men, women and non-gender binaries, Lovette Jallow aims to amplify black voices in the beauty industry with her candid and outspoken views on racism and cultural appropriation among other societal inculcated issues often perceived as too controversial. Lovette is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion and fire burn bright with no fizzling out in sight, a fierce mama bear for humanity.

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Meet Myrna, Makeup Vlogger and German Beauty Sensation: "Everything is a competition now. Bigger, better, bolder... Who did it first, who gets more views... And It's tiring"

I discovered Myrna’s YouTube channel while searching for makeup tutorials that were geared for those with hooded eyes. Her videos helped me a lot, and was drawn to more than her tricks, recommendations and creativity, to her endearing nature, calmness, and soft voice.

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A Conversation with Shelby Zoe Coley and Sistren about Talk The Ting, a Documentary on Womanism and Black Friendship

Talk The Ting narrates the life of three queer London-based podcasting collective of Black women: Sistren. In an intimate portrait of Babirye Bukilwa, 'DJ' Ayodeji Tiwo, and Michelle Tiwo tackling contemporary cultural, racial, and gender-based issues, Talk the Ting explores the interconnectedness of womanism and Black friendship, and its healing impact on mental health and the pursuit of wellbeing. In a combination of candid interviews, verité, and follow-along footage, Shelby takes us into the depth of the trio's bond with an emphasis on the importance of sisterhood as self-care.

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