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Should Hillary Clinton Run Again?

There was talk on Friday about Hillary Clinton running again, largely because of the indictments released and underscoring how much the Russians helped the Trump campaign win the Presidency. There is a sense of thwarted mission, of feminism, and of the desire for a rematch. The now-infamous audio clip of Trump asking the Russians was played ad nauseum on cable television. After all, Hillary won the popular vote by almost three million votes.

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The State of Feminism and World Politics

In the United States, anger against the misogynist-in-Chief Donald Trump is driving women running for office. By April of this year, the number of women running for Congress had reached the record. “MJ Hegar, an Air Force veteran and young mother running for Congress in Texas as a Democrat, said that ‘women are sick of’ male elected leaders promising to protect women’s rights.” And we have not yet heard the response to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee or the administration’s breastfeeding resolution before the UN. Trump, to put it mildly, is not pro-women’s rights.

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