A Letter to The Ladies

Women are not weak.

We do not lose power due to femininity.

Our periods do not make us lesser humans.

We do not lack control over our emotions.

Loving makeup does not make us shallow.

We do not have to live up to anyone’s standards but our own.

Shaving our legs does not make us complacent.

We do not have to dress modestly to be taken seriously.

Bra or no bra, we are women.

We do not need long hair to find love.

Having children does not give anyone the right to discredit us.

We do not need to have children.

Having acne does not make us ugly.

We do not need to wear makeup.

Marriage does not equal success.

We do not accept men’s criticism.

Love is pure.

We do not belong in a box.

Mental illness is a battle, not an excuse.

We do not let anything control us.

Scars are beautiful.

We do not let failure define us.

Dressing up is inspiring.

We do not ask for it through our clothes.

Skin color is not an excuse for abuse.

We do not let racism or bigotry carry weight.

It should all be equal.

We do not deserve less.

Being who we are is enough.

We do not let society define us.

Assault is never okay.

We are not victims, but survivors.

Standing together is the truth.

We do not knock each other down.

Feminism is self-respect.

We do not hate men.

Support is our advantage.

We do not give up.

Rising up is our right.

We do not ask, we demand.

Women are power.

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