Beat The Heat With Your Beauty Routine

It is that time of year. Summer is peaking its way through the clouds and vacations are right around the corner. But as the seasons change so does your beauty routine. From skincare to makeup, warm and humid weather can throw your skin out of whack. Plus the heat can melt your regular makeup right off. It is time to change things up and adapt to the new season.

Just like spring from winter, summer comes with a load of new struggles. The pollen allergies may be blowing away, but you are now dealing with extra UV exposure, possibly chlorine and saltwater, sweat, and more. Even though we have been waiting for summer for what seems like years, no season is perfect. So let me guide you through some parts of your beauty routine you may want to rethink.

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Your skin is not the only thing that needs protection from the sun. Whether you color treat your hair or not, the UV rays as well as chlorine and salt water can intensely dry out and even damage your hair. Now if you do color your hair, you may want to take this even more seriously because the sun can not only shift your hair to a more brassy tone, but it will add to the chemical damage from the dye. There are a number hair products on the market to make this adjustment convenient. You can simply switch up your shampoo and conditioner to something like this option from Sun Bum. Or keep doing what you are, but before heading out into the hair damaging world spritz in a UV protector like Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Spray. This is a lightweight, smells likes summer, and helps protect your hair as well as revitalizing it after exposure to the elements.

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This will come as absolutely no surprise, but load up on the SPF. Maybe in winter you could get away with the SPF in your makeup, but unless you’re applying it throughout the day and using a generous dollop, that will not cut it in summer. Not only are the UV rays stronger depending on where you are, but most likely more of your skin is showing and you will be outside longer, especially if on vacation. Keep sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat handy, but also keep up with your SPF. A lot of people struggle finding a good one that is gentle enough for sensitive skin. If that happens to be you, reach for a baby sunscreen as these tend to offer extra care for delicate skin. Aveeno makes a great one, and for the face go for a mineral sunscreen if you tend to breakout. Personally I use the Cerave Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50. It contains both zinc oxide and titanium oxide offering the most effective mineral SPF, plus I have never burned or broken out from it.

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As for makeup it really depends on your preferences and skin type. But for the most part the heat of summer will leave you feeling a little more greasy, shiny, and overall uncomfortable. With makeup, that means you may want to tone it down. You can still go all out, just switch up the process a bit. For instance, a full coverage matte foundation may look amazing in winter, but unless you use a formula that can withstand 90 degree weather, go for light layers in order to avoid a sticky situation. A BB or CC cream that includes an SPF is ideal for a work day. Add on a concealer and your coverage is done. Then reach for cream products as they react better to oils than powders. A cream bronzer, blush, and highlight will look more natural and break down a lot less. If you really need everything to stick around layer it. Use powders on top of creams and liquids to extend lasting power (but always powders over liquids or creams). And reach for a long lasting setting spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter over a heavy duty powder, this will also keep everything fresh longer without looking cakey or overdone.

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Do NOT forget about your lips. Throughout winter we get dry, cracked, and chapped lips from the frigid air and dry heat, but sunburn on your lips is so painful. So swap out your chapstick or lip balm, and reach for one with SPF in it. Nearly every brand in the world has a lip balm with SPF, so take your pick. You can even go for a tinted one for a bit of color. We love Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment with SPF 25. It comes in nice wearable shades as well as clear.

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How can brows and lashes need something different in summer? Well depending on how humid and hot it gets, waterproof might be the way to go. This obviously is not necessary everyday, but if you pop a bit of makeup on for the beach or just for a picnic you do not want your brows or lashes melting down your cheeks. That is just not a good look. Waterproof mascara is everywhere, or reach for something water resistant that hangs around in wet circumstances, but is not a nightmare to remove. The same goes for brows. You probably won’t find a waterproof powder, but there are everything from pomades to felt tip pens and even gels that will stay put. If you want something easy Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set will add some tint, some texture, and keep your brows in place all day.

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Last but certainly not the least important is your skincare routine. This is super individual, but along with adding SPF into your regime your products may have to be switched around. If you are more on the dry or sensitive side you can probably stick to what you normally use. But if the summer heat makes you get shiny more quickly, reach for a lightweight and oil free moisturizer for AM. Your night routine can stay the same, maybe use an oil control mask in your T-zone a few times a week? By applying a moisturizer that absorbs into the skin quickly this should help your makeup to last and your skin to stay matte for longer. Even a moisturizing serum would be a good idea as it is potent, but absorbs super well. The Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum is perfect for doing just that.

And with that, your summer beauty routine should be off to a great start. Of course adjust as you see fit, but these tips and switch ups should aid you in preventing a beauty meltdown this summer. So go off in the waves without a care in the world. Enjoy your vacation, your evening off, or even your day dream because your skin, hair, and makeup are all prepped for summer.


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