Beauty News + Reviews: Glossier, Wet n Wild, and Luna Smooth Hair Growth Inhibitor

A new season in weather means a new season in beauty. There are new products being launched what seems like every single day. And as the temperature turns up, our routines tend to need a tune up. Everything from hair removal to makeup and more has to adapt to the changing season, and what better way is there to do that than by learning what’s new and what’s worth it?

In summer, we tend to narrow down our makeup essentials from what we pretend are the basics to the actual basics. Things go a bit lighter and natural, because who wants to whack on a full face of makeup only for it to melt off midway through the day? And a more minimal look requires a few tweaks to your collection.

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Courtesy of Samantha Ann

One tweak is in your mascara. We all want long and fluttery lashes, but most mascaras will just not hold up through the sweating and humidity of summer. And if you opt for a waterproof version, you will likely be rubbing your lashes for 10+ minutes to remove it at night. To mend this seasonal makeup blunder, Glossier has taken the online beauty world by storm with their first ever mascara launch — Lash Slick. Not only is the packaging #goals, but the unique formulation and wand stand out from the overcrowded mascara market. With an anti-clumping formula, lengthening fibers that are water resistant, and easily removable, this is the mascara we have all been wanting. Now it is not a full volume false lash effect mascara, as there are tons of those around already, and that is not Glossier’s brand or style. That is why this mascara adds wispy and defined length to your lashes. It keeps them feeling soft, lasts all day, and comes off easily with warm water and a gentle cleanser at the end of the day. This offers the perfect polished mascara look that will truly hold up to heat and humidity. Lash Slick’s claim to fame is that instead of making it look like you are wearing a great mascara, it makes it look like you have great lashes.

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Photo via Luna Smooth

As for removing that stubborn unwanted hair in summer... We all HATE shaving. There just does not seem to be an enjoyable or convenient way to go about hair removal. So it would be awfully wonderful if there was a way that having smooth hair-free legs could just last a little bit longer. We have talked about this before in our Hair Growth Inhibitors blogpost, but what was the outcome?

Well, at the end of that post Luna Smooth, a hair growth inhibitor serum won my interest. It seemed to be the most intriguing and I have now been using it for over 2 months, so I thought I would let you know if it is summer season approved. And I am sad to say I would not recommend it. Although many of the reviews on the Luna Smooth site were raving about how much it helps reduce hair regrowth, I did not experience that pleasure. The texture is nice, it absorbs into the skin quickly, and has a nice natural scent. It offers a bit of moisture to the skin and does not irritate whatsoever. But you go through the small 1fl oz bottle so quickly, especially if you plan on using it on your legs, so that is a bummer.

Then when applying certain lotions after it would pill off the skin. The package does warn to wait 10 minutes before applying any lotion, but even after waiting for more than that, some lotions still flaked off. Surprisingly, the only place I had noticeable results were on the face. I would use this between my brows and on my upper lip after plucking or shaving, and it did indeed give me a few extra days between removal. But as for the underarms, legs, and bikini area, I maybe got a few extra hours (if that) of smooth legs, so it was not worth it.

Now, this could be a product that is super individual for your hair type, but if it was really that impressive, I would imagine Luna Smooth would be causing a huge discussion online, and it just hasn’t. So my hunt for a more convenient and longer lasting hair removal strategy for summer continues.


Photo via Wet n Wild

As for foundation, summer is a difficult time. We all want something thin, that will last, offers a glow, provides some coverage, and probably has a bit of added SPF. And as you probably are at the beach or pool sans makeup for a decent amount of time, you may not want to spend a lot of money on something you won’t be wearing everyday. And that is where Wet n Wild MegaCushion Foundation comes into play. The cruelty-free brand created the ideal liquid foundation for this season. The packaging makes this compact super portable for your purse or to pop in your beach bag for a bit of coverage after an au naturale day. Having a squishy cushion loaded up with foundation, so you can just stamp and go makes the entire application process a breeze.

*Pro tip: Flip the cushion over with a pair of tweezers to ensure you are getting the most out of the compact.

As for the formula; it feels so lightweight that you’ll forget you even have makeup on. But it is also buildable, so you can add coverage where you need it. Plus it offers that dewy glow we all crave in summer, and an SPF of 15. Sadly it is only available in 8 lowly shades, but hopefully with its growing traction in the beauty community more shades will be on the horizon so that all women can give it a go. If you can find your shade in the current selection, you will be blown away that it retails just under $10.

That is it for now with beauty news and reviews, but feel free to comment below or reach out on social media to let us know what you want to hear about next.