Beauty Products Not So Practical But Intriguing

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As someone that adores trying new makeup, I am always looking for something new and unique. Pressed powder blushes, liquid foundations, and lipsticks are classics, but what is really going to surprise me, and shake up the industry? The launch of the Beauty Blender, liquid lipsticks, dry shampoo; these things were new, exciting, and actually worked.

With brands hastily trying to create the most innovative products, some just didn’t make the cut. And that is not to say that these products stink, they can work and actually be quite fun to play with, but many of them are not very practical. And that is usually the whole point of innovative products. Yes, sometimes it is to throw people off and get them intrigued, but most of time new products are supposed to make things easier. Instead these products actually make things more difficult.

So when does being too innovative become a bad thing? When does uniqueness get overwritten by confusion? And what does it take for a weird product features to weigh its oddness? Sometimes brands try for ground breaking and end up with a gimmick. I am all for having fun with makeup, but these products are just not practical for everyday use.

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Photo via Clinique

The matte lip trend does not seem to be dying off anytime soon, but it can be taken too far. A couple of brands have gone beyond matte liquid lipsticks and made their way into the world of powdered lip products. I am not even going to touch on loose lip pigments, because that is a mess waiting to happen. The Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Cushion Matte Lip Powder is a more subtle version. With colored powder in the cap and a sponge applicator, this is definitely a new type of lippy. The idea of this certainly draws you in. What is a powdered lip color all about? Does it work? How does it cling? And doesn’t it feel comfortable? These are the questions that make you buy a product, and the answers are what give it a place your beauty drawer. Sure, trying this out and swatching it is fun, but is this something you would reach for everyday? Probably not. Innovation is great and all, but sometimes there is a reason lipsticks have been the go-to for decades, if not centuries. This one is all about the concept, not execution.

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Photo via Too Faced

Here’s to another brand trying to make a difficult makeup application easier, only to make it more complicated. Too Faced Glitter Pop! Peel-Off Eyeliner is again an intriguing concept. It is essentially a liquid eyeliner that you can peel off at the end of the day. It is meant to stay put all day without glitter fall out, smudging, or drifting. But along with all those positives there seems to be a big drawback to this innovative idea, the peeling happens too soon. Many people who have tried this out loved the initial look, but noticed the product would start to peel off throughout the day, which is not a good look. So maybe there is no falling out or melting, but peeling eyeliner is not much better if you ask me. Although peeling off your eyeliner at the end of a busy day does sound super satisfying.

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Photo via Kiss

You may be familiar with the brand KISS when it comes to false lashes and nail products, but they also launched their KISS Brow Stamp. For those who are challenged by filling their eyebrows, this sounds so convenient and easy. You press the stamp into the powder, press onto your brows, and bam you are good to go. But it is not that easy. Sort of like an infomercial product you look at and think what could go wrong? This would make my life so easy. But there is always a catch. If your brow is not the same shape as this pre-made stamp, you are pretty much out of luck. Not to mention what makes brows look natural is small strokes, not a solid stamp. Perhaps this could be good for someone with little to no brows, but why go for these when there are so many user friendly brow products on the market?

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Photo via Dr. Brandt

The most indulgent of these jazzy innovations is the DR. BRANDT SKINCARE MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier™ Mask. This is a purifying face mask that is removed with a magnet of all things. So cool! This certainly brings out the child in all of us. It almost reminds me of an Etch-A-Sketch. But after your initial use and WOW reaction, is this really practical? With the simplicity of sheet masks, peel-off masks, and classic rinse off ones, is this the most convenient way to remove a mask? Plus, if you are not the most organized, losing that magnet is a sure thing. This mask definitely has the cool factor and probably does a great job at making your skin look gorgeous, but beyond the 8 year-old in me getting a kick out of it, it is not something I could see myself using regularly. Could you?

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Photo via Amazon

Upon my first glance, I totally wanted to try SPINLASH mascara. A mascara that has a spinning wand, how amazing. It is like an electric toothbrush, but for applying mascara. With a rotating brush not only can you add a bit of tech into your makeup routine, but you can probably clean the wand and use it with any mascara, right? After the initial excitement, reading through the product reviews makes it clear this was not fully thought through. Apparently the brush stops rotating as it comes in contact with your lashes, it makes a smudgy mess, and stops working all together after a handful of uses. So A for effort, but F for failure.

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Photo via A Beauty Wanderer

Finally, how indulgent are the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Sun Stones? Little pebbles of glitter, glimmer, and glow; these are not only glistening balls of glow boosting heaven, but would also look adorable on your vanity. Beyond that though, are they really all that useful? Sure they give you a nice glow, but so does a pressed bronzer, highlighter, and a handful of other easy-to-use products. I have a feeling you would lose most of these gems before getting any real decent use out of this. This is marketed as a loose powder without the mess. But loose powders usually contain a sifter of some sort that keeps the product from making a mess. This, however, lacks that essential element. One slip of the wrist and you will have one hell of a time shampooing your carpet.

With that, I am not saying these are horrible products. To be honest they have a lot of potential and would probably be a lot of fun to test out. With a bit of tweaking they could be amazing, but they just do not make the cut for practicality at the moment. What other beauty products have caught your eye, and just didn’t make so much sense after a second thought?


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