Beauty Products Review: Do Hair Growth Inhibitors Really Work?

Hair growth inhibitors. For those of us who remove our body hair, doesn’t it sound like the best thing in the world? I mean there is laser hair removal meant to permanently halt growth after multiple sessions, but not all of us have that sort of budget and this isn't the best thing healthwise. There are also waxing and shaving, which are a real hassle, especially when you have to repeat the process every single day.
Though we have a post on How To Extend The Time Between Shaving, adding a couple of days to your smoothness may not always be enough. Hair growth inhibitors include serums, creams, and even sprays that are meant to slow your regrowth.

This seems like such a ground-breaking idea that all women would be interested in, but then why aren’t people screaming from the rooftops about it? I rarely see any blog posts, YouTube videos, or even ads about hair growth inhibitors. Why is that? Are they a hit or miss? Do they actually work? Is it just a gimmick, or slowing your hair growth will save you money on waxing and shaving, but some companies don’t want that to happen?

Regardless of the latter, we wanted to find the truth about the effectiveness of hair growth inhibitors, so I did a load of research to figure out if they are the holy grail we've been desperately looking for.

First thing first, it seems that experts do not have a clear answer. So that’s super useful 🤨 Overall they have concluded that many hair growth inhibitors contain exfoliating ingredients meant to prevent ingrowns and help get a closer shave that will last longer. They also tend to include intensive moisturizing ingredients to help hair grow thinner and softer, which can create the illusion of slower growth. But do they actually slow the growth of your hair? The jury is still out.

Yes, this seems to hack off any of my hope that hair growth inhibitors actually work. But experts also say that coffee is bad for you, then a few months later they say it’s healthy, and then they go back to it being bad again. So I take everything experts say with a grain of salt. Instead, I like to listen to the experience and expertise of actual customers and users of such products. So I dove into the world of online reviews for some of the most popular hair growth inhibitors on the market.

After reading what seems like thousands of pros and cons, I am pretty content with my choices. As a matter of fact, I even purchased the hair growth inhibitor I found to be the most intriguing and effective. Read on to find out which one would work for you...

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Up first is Vaniqa (or Eflornithine). This one is only available via a prescription from a doctor. Kind of a major downside, as most insurance will not cover so-called "vanity products", which means that it is probably wildly expensive. But if it is in your budget, this is the first and only FDA approved product for reducing facial hair growth. That is another uh-oh for me. I want something I can use not only on my mustache, but also under my arms, on my legs, and even my bikini area.

Now this does not claim to halt hair growth all together but, along with other methods, it reduces the frequency of hair removal be it waxing, shaving, or threading. Overall, it seems like a dud to me. Other than the fact that it is FDA approved, there does not seem to be anything that stands out about this. Now, if you have been diagnosed with Hirsutism, which is a male pattern hair growth on a woman’s face, this product has been proven to show wonderful results for that. But the customer testimonials for “normal” female facial hair were nothing to write home about.

Pros: FDA approved, effective for severe hair growth. 

Cons: Expensive, requires a prescription, only meant to be used on the face.

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Now Kalo is said to be a permanent solution to hair regrowth, and can be used on facial as well as body hair. Hearing that I am skeptical and hopeful. Also Kalo is available on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price. It claims to reduce the sulfur in your skin, which is necessary for hair growth. Seems simple enough, right? It is a spray lotion that is meant to be used after removing your hair. But shaving is not the best method to go along with this. They recommend waxing or epilating as that removes the hairs at the follicle level. Then when Kalo is applied to the skin, it slows hair regrowth and eventually eliminates it, but there is no proof to this claim.

And the majority of reviews do not support the permanent claim. It seems this can slow and thin the regrowth of hair, but even with those outcomes it can take months to see results. And I am not the most patient person around, so this doesn’t intrigue me enough.

Pros: Reasonable price, claims to show results after only 2-3 uses, can be used on face and body, thins hair.

Cons: Requires hair to be removed from the root, reviews do not line up with permanent claim.

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Completely Bare Hair Growth Inhibitor is the most affordable solution on this list. That automatically intrigued me, plus it is easy to find on Amazon, at Target, Ulta, and at Bed Bath & beyond. Completely Bare offers an option of this hair growth inhibiting moisturizer both for your body and face. It claims to be gentle, long lasting, and soothing. But those effects won’t likely show for nearly a month. Based on user reviews, it is also temporary. But those who found it to work said it thinned and slowed their hair growth after waxing for best results.
But along with those pros, it is best to use it twice a day. Depending on your skin type whether oily, dry, or combination, this could be wonderful option. Also, culturally, african, hispanic and arabic women tend to moisturize their skin more often daily than caucasians and asians. But, I would say that it depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into inhibiting your hair growth. If anything, just use a tiny bit consistently twice a day for the best result.

Pros: Has an entire line of hair growth inhibiting products (for body, for face, and a deodorant), is accessible and affordable, vegan and cruelty-free, and moisturizes.
Cons: Takes nearly a month to show results, best if used twice daily.

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This is the only one of these products I had heard of before I started looking into hair growth inhibitors. In fact, I had a screenshot of it saved in my camera roll for the last couple of months. This is Luna Smooth and is the most viral when it comes to social media. I actually heard of it through Instagram. Costing under $50 and with a coupon code sometimes less than $30, it is no more expensive than a wax. It is also a lightweight serum which is interesting, as serums absorb into the skin quickly, thus the use is more convenient.

It claims to reduce hair growth overtime, can also be used on the face and body. Luna Smooth is cruelty free and natural. Most of the reviews I’ve seen say that it stretched the time of hair removal an extra 2 weeks on average. Similarly to all of these products, Luna Smooth does not guarantee 100% effectiveness, but there didn’t seem to be any bad side effects or reactions.

Pros: Convenient application, gentle, natural, cruelty-free, positive reviews.
Cons: Can only be purchased from their website, newest product on the list.

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Skin Doctors Hair No More Growth Inhibitor Spray has some of the biggest claims. Most of these products give a more open ended time frame of when you’ll have to shave or wax, but this one says it will prevent regrowth for months. But, the majority of customers said it was not that effective. The one plus seems to be that it reduced in grown hairs, but made no difference with the actual growth or thickness.

Pros: Only requires use 2-3 times per week to maintain effects, affordable.
Cons: Reviews are not impressive.

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The Tree Hut Bare line consists of four products. From a shave oil to a scrub, a sugar waxing kit, and their Hair Minimizing Body Butter. These products are also easily accessible to most women. They are sold at Ulta, Target, Amazon, and more. The Hair Minimizing Body Butter seems to be the closest to a hair growth inhibitor as its claims are nearly identical. It is said to slow the growth of your body hair and decrease the frequency of hair removal, via another method, to about 4 weeks. Again it is to be used with shaving or waxing, but this product has the added benefits of a pleasant scent, and it is meant to calm and soothe any redness and irritation caused by your removal method.

Pros: Accessible and affordable, calming, has other products in the line, a nice smell, moisturizing
Cons: Takes up to 4 weeks to see results, reviews are inconsistent, only for the body.

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It seems to me that each of these has some mixed reviews, which can make it hard to choose. With users unique needs, it is also hard to only depend on on their reviews. 

Did you find anyone of these products intriguing? Some questions to consider while choosing are: what kind of results are you looking for? Do you have patience in terms of application and wait? How much do you want to invest? Do you want or need a moisturizer on a daily basis? Where do you need to inhibit hair growth?

Given my personal lifestyle, not moisturizing my skin daily, and looking for an all-in-one face and body hair growth inhibitor, the one that stood out to me the most is Luna Smooth. I actually already purchased it. Although I am very still skeptical, I have hope. I’ve watched quite a few video reviews of Luna Smooth and just found the results to be the most convincing. And even though this product does seem to be the new kid on the block when it comes to hair growth inhibitors, I gladly took the risk. On the other hand, Fatima (OPENLETR Founder) is opting for Completely Bare, as she has a need to moisturize her skin from once to twice daily, doesn't like to feeling that serums leave on the skin, and likes the diversity of the Completely Bare line. So, we'll give these products a try and share the results in a few months, so bare with us 😉

Hopefully this post gives you some insight into the most popular products on the market and will help you make the best decision for you and your hair. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section. 



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