Beauty YouTuber Lucia Tepper Bares It All: 19 Years-old and Absolutely Unapologetic

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I discovered Lucia Tepper via her YouTube channel, LuciaTepperBeauty, and was drawn to her unique style, way with color, and her boldness. She is not afraid to discuss controversial topics in the beauty industry. She dives into the subjects that others on the platform shy away from for fear of backlash or subscriber loss. Lucia is unapologetic about her opinions and always remains true to herself.

As a college student, 19-year-old Lucia is studying Television-Radio and Theatre. By watching just one of her YouTube videos, you can see she has a natural talent for being in front of the camera. Her charisma is so evident in everything she does. In addition to reading and writing, Lucia plays both the guitar and ukulele in her free time. Clearly her creativity reaches far and wide. During our interview, she said, "I try my best to appreciate the things I have and find happiness not only from what I already own, but from the people and experiences in my life. I am bisexual, and a proud ally of all other LGBTQ+ identities I do not personally identify with."

Lucia's position as a young adult, college student, member of the LGBTQ+ community, and a beauty lover gives her a perspective so many can relate to and learn from. 

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OPENLETR: What is it that got you interested in starting a beauty related YouTube channel?

Lucia: I actually had a singing channel on YouTube for three years before I started my beauty channel. I started to become tired of the fact that I was never talking to my audience, only singing to them. I wanted to have a conversation, and get to know people better, and vice versa. I had been watching makeup videos for years prior to starting my beauty channel, and it was something I had always wanted to do.

OPENLETR:  I love how you discuss more taboo topics when it comes to the beauty industry - How did you develop the confidence to take such a public stance?

Lucia: Thank you! I honestly think I was just tired of no one speaking up about certain issues. YouTube has changed a lot since I first started watching it, and I wanted to find a channel that would speak up about not needing to buy everything, and about being a real person. I couldn’t find it, so I decided to do it myself. When I started this conversation, I had much fewer people listening. I wasn’t afraid, because I honestly didn’t think many people would hear me. Now that I have a bigger audience, I know that as long I stay true to myself, I can do what I please on my channel. People are always going to hate and claim they know you when they don’t, but I know myself and need to believe in the goal I was originally trying to achieve!

OPENLETR: You are a big advocate for shopping your stash and using what you have - what advice would you give someone who is trying to save money, but loves buying and trying new beauty products?

Lucia: I would say that you have WAY more makeup than you think you do, and shopping your stash can be just as fun as shopping at a store. For people who own close to a hundred of a certain makeup item, there is no way they have used and tried all of that stuff. It is so much more exciting to discover something you love in your own collection than having to search for it in Ulta!

OPENLETR:  You really know how to rock a colorful eye look. Have you always loved playing with color or did it take you some time to warm up to that?

Lucia: Again, thank you! I certainly was not always into color. I think I just got bored over time with the same looks I was always doing, and slowly started to incorporate color into my routine.

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OPENLETR: What in your opinion is the most underrated beauty product or brand that more should try?  

Lucia: I think in general, natural highlights are underrated. My favorite is the Essence Pure Nude highlighter, and while that product itself isn’t underrated, the whole idea of a natural highlight isn’t very popular. I’m so over this whole crazy highlighter trend. I wish more people were on board with the natural glow.

OPENLETR: What was your biggest beauty splurge? And are you happy about it?

Lucia: My biggest beauty splurge was buying the Naked Palette with my own money when I was 16. I usually now only buy expensive purchases like that with gift cards I save. At the time, I was very happy with it, but I have long since decluttered it. I definitely don’t have the same taste in makeup as I did three years ago.

OPENLETR:  If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out in makeup what would it be?

Lucia: Start small. Build your collection over time, and don’t try to make it look like the beauty studio of a beauty guru. Makeup is expensive, and it takes time to figure out what your preferences are. Watch YouTube videos to learn as much as you can, and try not to go crazy spending money!

OPENLETR: What is it that makes you love makeup so much? The artistry? The individuality? How it makes you feel?

Lucia: I love makeup, as it makes me feel empowered. I feel beautiful when I put on makeup. And that’s not to say I don’t feel beautiful without makeup, because I feel beautiful either way. But knowing that I have those skills, that I can make my face look a certain way, and be so happy with the result is a great feeling. Doing my makeup in the morning is a relaxing experience. That is my time to be with myself, and just be creative. Makeup is definitely an artistry, and I love having a blank canvas to work with every day.

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OPENLETR: Have you ever struggled with self-image issues? If so how do you deal with that? What advice would you give someone struggling with the same thing?

Lucia: I definitely have struggled with self-image issues, especially when I was going through puberty. My stomach has always been something I was insecure about, and something I still struggle with. It’s really hard to see perfect models on TV and in magazines (and now on Instagram) and to know you will NEVER look like that. My advice would be to remind yourself that you are beautiful, everyone looks different, and to work on what is within your control. I go to the gym three times a week to keep my stomach flat, and my confidence has spiked tremendously since I started doing that. I can’t control what body I was born into, but I can have a healthy routine that makes me feel better about certain aspects of myself.

OPENLETR: Why do you think beauty/makeup is such a vital part of women’s lives around the world?

Lucia: Before I answer, it is important to correct the question by stating that makeup is in no way limited to the world of women. Everyone, no matter how they identify, can enjoy the power and the art of makeup. Makeup is such an important thing to makeup lovers, because looking good on the outside makes you feel good on the outside. If I am having a bad day and put makeup on, I immediately feel better, more confident, more in control. This art and talent can spark a passion within you, a love to be creative, and express your true self.

With respect to the final question, I don’t know how I missed this as I adore beauty gurus like Manny MUA & Jeffree Star. I greatly appreciate Lucia for taking the time to make me aware of this. It is important to always learn and grow when it comes to communities, as we aim for inclusion.


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