Blac Chyna Hired as Head of Security for All Six Flags

Blac Chyna may have lost an endorsement deal with a stroller company after a video of her swinging a stroller at Six Flags Magic Mountain surfaced, but like they say, when one door closes, another one opens as the model/entrepreneur has been offered a job as head of security for Six Flags nationwide.

On Easter Sunday, Ms. Chyna appeared to attack a woman by wildly swinging an empty stroller at her after the woman called her a “hood rat.” Given the anger and impulsivity, it is unclear if Blac was aware that the stroller was unoccupied at the time. 

A spokesperson for Six Flags stated "we do not condone any violence at our amusement parks, but that being said, violence does exist, and sometimes the only way to stop crazy is with more crazy. That’s why we welcome Blac Chyna aboard.” The spokesperson went on to compliment Ms. Chyna on her fearlessness and flawlessness in flinging the stroller, and stated that she is just the kind of hood rat the Six Flags company is looking for. Perhaps this is the kind of street justice this corporation needs to delve out in order to keep unruly, drunken shitheads in line.

The family themed spokesperson continued, “we have no problem with her sex tape or lack of temper, restraint or good judgement, and parenting skills. It might be just what our parks need.”  No word as of yet if Ms. Chyna has accepted the offer. She was last seen at Chuck E. Cheese trying to drown a woman in the ball pit.

Sigh, what a shame. As we fight for equal representation and the change of perception about the black culture, some women like Blac Chyna, obviously unaware of the power of their influences, take us backwards. 


This is a satirical publication. The video is real according to TMZ, but Blac Chyna was not hired as head of security at All Six Flags