Body Hair Growth: Everything You Need to Know from Supplements and Inhibitors, to Dry Brushing, Sugaring, and Lotions

A few months ago, we published an article on Hair Growth Inhibitors, and it was so well received by our lovely readers that we decided to dive a bit deeper. Hair growth is an issue we all struggle with, whether you remove your hair or not, dealing with is a hassle.

Vitamin Supplements

Photo via  Halo Beauty

Photo via Halo Beauty

So much so in fact that Tati Westbrook from the YouTube channel Glam Life Guru created an alternative version of her hair, skin, and nail vitamins that focus solely on skin, a Kiwi Seed Booster, because so many people were nervous that the original formula would increase the growth of their body hair. Can you believe that? Body hair growth is such a burden and priority that she created a whole other product specifically to prevent that concern. Well, you probably can. And that is probably why you clicked on this post.


And if you have been keeping up with us, you would know that the hair growth inhibitors we tested did not work as well as expected. But you can take a look at these posts for more details: Disappointing Products & Better Alternatives and Beauty News & Reviews.

And to be honest, going into my hair growth inhibitor research, I had a feeling they would not be all they are cracked up to be. If they were, they would fly off the shelves and people would rave about them. But, sadly they seem to be quite a hit and miss, and not the hidden gems I was hoping for. However, most users say they work best alongside a process of hair removal that pulls the hair from the root (i.e. sugaring or waxing), and requires quite a bit of patience.


Photo via    Pinky Cloud

Photo via Pinky Cloud

Without the help of hair growth inhibitors to prevent body hair growth, there is laser hair removal if you have the appropriate hair type and budget, but isn’t the healthiest choice. But, waxing is also an option. However, if you are not a fan of pain, going to a salon every 4 to 6 weeks, and the chemicals in many waxes, sugaring is the best option. In short, sugaring or sugar waxing is all natural, removes hair with less pain, can help the hair grow back thinner, finer, and then not at all, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Lucky for you, we have an entire post on that too… The Best Hair Removal Method.

Liquid Solution

Photo via    Tranquil Earth

Photo via Tranquil Earth

Another issue with body hair growth, other than preventing it, is ingrown hairs. They are the worst and get to the best of us. Whether you let your hair grow, shave or wax, ingrowns are a pain in the butt (literally and figuratively). So what can you do about them? One option is picking up a product like Tend Skin, which soothes any area where you remove hair. Your bikini line, underarms, and legs. It not only prevents ingrowns, but also helps with razor burn and irritation.

Dry Brushing

Photo via    Viva Glam

Photo via Viva Glam

But, if you aren’t into that, dry brushing is a fantastic, and natural option. It not only helps with ingrowns, but also exfoliates, promotes circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system, and much more. So if you go for dry brushing, you get a ton of benefits in one. All you need is a dry brush, and a bit of time to gently brush your skin starting with your feet and working towards your heart.

What to know

If you want to ease yourself into preventing body hair growth or just extend the time between the process of removal, there are a handful full of alternatives:

  1. Exfoliate your skin often. It also helps with blood circulation and gives you overtime a healthy and clean glow.

  2. Use a sharp and fresh razor.

  3. Moisturize of skin as often as possible

Although these methods are convenient, they will only extend the time between shaving. On top these, there are some things you may actually be doing wrong:

  1. If you shave your underarms, there is a good chance you are shaving in the wrong direction. You know how you shave your legs in the opposite direction of hair growth? Well, doing so under your arm, where you are much more likely to get an ingrown can cause irritation. Instead, shave in the opposite direction that you normally do, or go over it the opposite way to calm things down.

  2. Oh and remember that shaving does NOT actually make your hair grow back thicker. This misconstrued story has been told so much over the years, because when your hair does begin to grow back, the root is thicker than the end. So it feels prickly and sharp at first, but after a few days of growing, your hair’s texture feels exactly the same.

  3. Now, if you let your body hair grow, good for you. But that comes with its own fair share of troubles. One of those being the question, do you need to condition your body hair? And the answer is a big N-O. Your body hair receives plenty of natural oils from your skin, so there is no conditioning required. If you do let your hair grow, just try to continue regular maintenance with these tips and tricks in our Embrace Your Body Hair post.

  4. Not all unwanted hair is normal. Yes, most women grow hair on their legs, underarms, and bikini area, but if you notice that you have excessive hair growth in other areas such as the face and stomach, you may have a treatable condition. One of these conditions is called hirsutism, which is an imbalance of hormones that activate hair growth in areas most men grow hair. And then there is hypertrichosis that can cause excessive hair growth anywhere on the body. There are also a few other conditions that can lead to unwanted hair growth in women that exceeds the norm. And thankfully many of them are treatable with a trip to the doctor. Other than prescription creams and the other hair removal methods we have discussed, hormonal birth control can sometimes help to regulate your hormones and reduce excessive hair growth. But all of this requires a doctor’s visit, and likely blood work to rule out anything more serious.

Just remember that no matter what you choose to do about your body hair, whether it be removing everything beneath your brows or letting it grow, it is 100% your decision. It is your body, your body hair, and your life. So whatever makes you most comfortable is the right choice for you. We are here simply to aid you with tips and tricks for whichever bushy or smooth path you decide to take.

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