Bold Beauty At All Ages

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Take a look at any women’s magazine. Whether they are purely beauty and fashion related, or work to promote female empowerment nearly all of them lack features on women over 40. And although young women are the future, and are fighting for equal rights and a balance of power throughout all industries, the women who came before us made huge strides and continue to do so. Without them, we would not have the opportunities we now have, nor the voices that have brought us such power and strength. These women are also entitled to their time in the spotlight. Plus, all women deserve to see faces they can relate to. Just because you have hit a certain age, does not mean your beauty is lost.

Beauty comes from confidence, and these women have worked hard and continue to do so in order for the new generations to have the rights and access they did not have. With the independence and capabilities women nowadays are able to explore, should come a responsibility to the generation of women who came before us. Not only are we to carry on their legacy by continuing to shed light on the sexism in healthcare, government, and society as a whole, but these women are still here and deserve to be promoted just as much. Beauty is not something that is limited to teenagers and women under a specific age limit. Beauty is ageless.

I thought I would shed some light on women of different ages exuding bold beauty. Whether their style is pronounced and unique, or understated and simple, all of these women are beautiful both inside and out.

Bold Beauty At All Ages - OPENLETR Kat Graham

At 28, Kat Graham has become a wildly successful singer and actress who stands out in the industry thanks to her passion for fashion and unique street style. She is also a dedicated activist to many causes. She has publicly spoken out against the president and even sold a number of her designer outfits to aid the charities she works with. Graham’s charitable works do not end there. She is a global goodwill ambassador for Empower 54, a nonprofit organization that provides support to those in need in Africa. Graham shows that even at a young age, beauty and strength can be combined to create change.

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Freida Pinto, raised in Mumbai, India, has become a household name in the movie industry throughout both America and Britain. At 33 her talent extends across countries and platforms. As an ambassador of Girl Rising, a global campaign to empower girls through education Pinto has used her experiences in an unequal environment to inspire others to use their voices to speak out against injustice. Her work through Girl Rising raises awareness, but also helps young women to build up their own confidence and continue to promote change.

Bold Beauty At All Ages - OPENLETR Eva Mendes.png

On top of being a wonderful mother and partner, Eva Mendes shows that hitting your forties does not slow you down. Mendes played a role in Half The Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, which was a film that followed a number of celebrity activists around the globe to spread awareness about female oppression in health care, education, and even gender-based violence and forced prostitution. Mendes is also a straight shooting feminist. She openly discusses the importance of independence, being self-sufficient, and not being ashamed to talk about money and success in an industry that likes to focus solely on the art.

Bold Beauty At All Ages - OPENLETR Angela Bassett.png

At 59, Angela Bassett is showing the world that your 50’s cannot only be beautiful, but also sexy as hell. From Black Panther to her TV series 9-1-1, Bassett has fought racism every step of the way. From highlighting that race plays a role in her children’s live to discussing how important it is for women to own their beauty at every age. She even teamed up with a friend and skincare expert to create a skincare line designed to focus on the unique needs of women of color. from the health aspects of aging to the change in your everyday routine, Bassett uses her fame to draw attention to the importance of caring for yourself and your loved ones as they age.  

Bold Beauty At All Ages - OPENLETR Oprah Winfrey.jpg

What is there to say about Oprah that has not already been said? In her sixties, this magnificent woman is standing strong against inequality and injustice in Hollywood as well as politics. Her voice has been heard around the world, so much so that the idea of her running for president has been supported by many. So many women and men take her opinion into account when picking out books, beauty products, and more. Oprah is a woman who has worked immensely hard her entire life, and proves that nothing, not even your age, can get in the way of your passion.

Bold Beauty At All Ages - OPENLETR Diana Ross

Diana Ross has been a legend in music and beauty since the 1960’s. At 72 she is still making waves in countless realms. For years, she has generously contributed to the arts, and has won multiple lifetime achievement awards. In 2016 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama. This is an honor for those from all industries who have taken what life has given them, and created positive change. Her beauty and boldness have been a wonderful inspiration to women across cultures. And it does not look like she is slowing down anytime soon.

Bold Beauty At All Ages - OPENLETR Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is a timeless beauty. She has stood out in the industry for decades, not only because she is beautiful, but because she is not shy about sharing where that beauty comes from— the inside. Her family and personal life drive her contentment, and all of her life experiences have given her strength that only further extends her beauty. Loren came from poverty, worked her way up in Hollywood, and is now one of the most well-known women of our time. At 81 Loren is as humble as she ever was.

Bold Beauty At All Ages - OPENLETR Betty White.jpg

Betty White has been someone who brings a smile to all faces for years. At 96 her beauty and humor are just as intense and contagious as ever. In fact, she has the longest television career of any female entertainer. White is even more amazing as she continues to act at her age to allow her to contribute to her charities. She has spent more than half her life as an animal activist, and is unabashed by just about everything she says and does. White is a wonderful example of boldness at any age, which has never held back her beauty.

Women at all ages, moments, and of all walks of life deserve to be appreciated for what they do personally and professionally. These powerful and bold women ooze beauty and strength in everything they do. So whether you’re 21, 45, or headed for retirement, you are just as capable and beautiful as these women before you.



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