Bud Light CMO Doesn’t Really Know What Dilly-Dilly Means

With several commercials appearing in the Super Bowl, the new Bud Light campaign “dilly dilly” is a hit, but Bud Light Vice President of Marketing Andy Goeler, hides a deep secret: he has absolutely no idea what dilly dilly means.

The creative team at ad agency Weiden & Kennedy in New York took Goeler out to a local pub to discuss the strategy for the yet-to-be-created campaign, and one pitcher of Bud Light led to another and then another. “He was totally wasted, just shit-faced yelling incoherently” an anonymous agency writer stated. “He just was screaming at waitresses, and the stuffed animals on the wall.” 

His rant continued, “and then he started yelling nonsense words over and over, and then he just kept saying ‘dilly-dilly, dilly-dilly, dilly-dilly’ like it meant something, we didn’t know what the fuck it was, but we just went with it.”

The creative team took copious notes of Goeler’s drunken tirade, and within weeks created the aforementioned campaign. “When he saw it, he had this bewildered look in his eyes, like he was having a flashback. Then he looked at us, and asked what we thought, and we told him we gave him back his own idea and he just said, ‘oh yeah.’ But we knew he had no fuckin’ clue.” Goeler approved the campaign, and the rest is history. Even though the campaign drew high praise, Goeler is now living in fear praying that nobody will ask what dilly-dilly means.

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