Beauty Product Review: Cannabis Oil Mascara, Dope or Nope?

If you have been on the internet this week, you have probably heard about the new Milk Makeup Kush Mascara. By the title, you can guess that this brand new product has a marijuana theme to it. No matter what your stance on weed is, this is certainly a fun and unique idea in the beauty industry. And personally, I welcome any and all new ideas to the mascara market.

But that doesn’t leave me without questions, concerns, and skepticism. Is this all just a buzz or is this mascara really worth the hype?

Is adding cannabis oil to mascara actually beneficial or is it a gimmick? Is this a fun idea or does it actually do something wildly different to give your lashes HIGH volume?

If you have been curious or even somewhat cynical about this, just check out Milk Makeup’s launch video. It is pretty entertaining, not to mention quite persuasive.  

Now this Kush Mascara launch comes with fun packaging and no lack of marijuana based puns, but is it missing something else?

According to the Milk Makeup website, cannabis oil is a perfect replacement for beeswax as a binding ingredient in mascara. Yet, when looking at the ingredients in this vegan and talc free formula, it contains synthetic beeswax. I’m no scientist, but if cannabis oil takes the place of beeswax why do you need a synthetic version?

Cannabis oil apparently gives the mascara a creamy texture, an easy application, smooth removal, and a moisturizing element. All that sounds great. But again, I wonder, don’t all oils provide similar benefits? Everything from olive oil, to cucumber extract, and coconut oil are in mascaras to provide comparable added benefits. So is cannabis oil another to add to that list, but with controversial branding? Or is it something totally different?

Well, from there I also noticed out of the 29 ingredients in the mascara that cannabis oil is #20. That makes me think there really isn’t all that much of this “miracle” ingredient in the product itself. Ingredients are usually listed in the order of potency, and being 20th on the list, doesn’t convince me that the job of cannabis oil is anything more than something to put on the label. But does that mean this mascara is a flop?

Cannabis Oil Mascara: Dope or Nope - OPENLETR

Photo via Milk Makeup

Well, if you look at the mascara without the addition of cannabis oil, it contains heart-shaped fibers that cling to the lashes to provide thickness without flaking. This is also supposed to add volume and curl that is longer lasting. Not to mention the unique brush that is meant to define each lash and prevent clumping. So on its own, it sounds like a pretty good mascara and the Kush logo is certainly intriguing.

But do I think the cannabis oil is what makes this mascara what it is? No. It could easily be the brush, the fibers, and any other ingredients. But I won’t let the appearance of kush or cannabis on the packaging drive me away either. I am officially intrigued.

What about you? Are you interested in trying the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara? Or are you happy with any old mascara with an added moisturizing benefit, no matter what plant that comes from?