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San Francisco where Fashion and Tech Catwalk

San Francisco isn’t usually seen as a fashion hub, but it has a style of its own. Or several styles, which, community fashion line, Betabrand tries to cultivate into an eclectic site of crowdfunded pieces. Since there is a juxtaposition of tech, bicycle culture, and outdoor appreciation, there is a unique opportunity.

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EPSON Digital Couture Fashion Presentation

Epson believes digital fabric printing is the future of fashion. Opening fashion week in the media capital of the world in such a grand manner was, in retrospect, a smart gambit for the largest manufacturers of computer printers, information & imaging related equipments. For the past four years, it has run a Digital Couture Fashion Presentation.

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Five Brilliant New Black Models

The Black Models Matter movement of 2016 has borne some fruit. Model Ashley B. Crew started the movement by sporting a Black Models Matter bag that led to a hashtag and umpteen viral stories as well as a plethora of social media posts. That movement is already two years old. How have we fared in the meantime? Have things changed?

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