Chatting With Canadian Beauty YouTuber Samantha Jane

We've mentioned Samantha Jane in a post entitled The Best Beauty Gurus on Youtube, that is because she is wicked awesome! She is a naturally bubbly and inspiring Canadian beauty YouTuber that everyone would love to watch. Not only is she stunningly gorgeous, but she is relatable and watching her videos is like chatting with a makeup loving girlfriend.

Personally, I only discovered Samantha’s channel this past January. But I immediately fell in love with her attitude towards makeup, her contagious smile, and I haven’t missed an upload since. She shares everything from foundation reviews to "get ready with me," and even lifestyle vlogs while being hilarious and true to herself in each and every clip.

Although she has more than 50,000 subscribers she deserves so many more for all the effort and passion she puts into her craft. Not only have I been dying to interview Samantha as a fan, but hearing more about her experiences with beauty is likely to influence each and everyone of you as well.

OPENLETR: When did you begin your relationship with makeup and beauty?

Samantha: The early days, I remember wearing a silver moon marshmallow Bonne Bell Lip Balm to school. I had to sneak it in because it turned my lips completely white/silver. Full of chunky glitter too.

OPENLETR: When did you first decide to share your beauty passion on YouTube?

Samantha: November 2012, when I received the first Ipsy Glam Bag to Canada.

OPENLETR: What would you say is the purpose of makeup in your life?

Samantha: It has a lot of purposes. It feels like "me time." I love the process of getting ready and having some time to myself. It has also lead me to meet so many people both online and in person. Of course, it also plays a newer major role as my YouTube channel is now my full-time job.

OPENLETR: Do you have a specific story or anecdote about beauty to share?

Samantha: The first time I drew in my eyebrows I used a black Wet n Wild eyeliner, luckily I knew not to leave the house looking like that.

OPENLETR: What do you love about beauty?

Samantha: It allows me to take some time for myself, but it's also my creative outlet. I love to experiment, try new looks, and then report back to the people who look to me for recommendations.

OPENLETR: The beauty community can be such a positive and open space for women, but we all know there is plenty of negativity too. How do you deal with that? And what advice would you give to someone struggling with negative comments?

Samantha: It's tough, I struggle with it all the time, and haven't totally figured it out. It is easier said than done, but there are way more good people than bad. Also, I can't imagine, happy healthy people leave negative comments, they are probably projecting their own issues on you.

OPENLETR: Living in Canada, do you think your location has altered your relationship with beauty or the beauty community?

Samantha: Absolutely, moving to Toronto changed things for me greatly. There's much more opportunity for networking and growth than when I was in Newfoundland.

OPENLETR: I know you’ve dealt with acne - I do too. How do you think that has affected your relationship with beauty and makeup? And what advice would you give someone with similar struggles?

Samantha: Not exactly, it can change the type of products I use. More so, it was annoying having people comment on it all the time and try to recommend drinking water or whatever else. I'm glad to be able to put a face out there that isn't totally perfect to make other people dealing with acne feel less alone and more represented.

OPENLTER: Have you struggled with self-image issues? If so, how have you dealt with that?

Samantha: Absolutely, especially on YouTube. I spend all day editing, filming, and looking at myself. Or just people commenting on your face. Overall though, I have no major issues. Would I like more defined cheekbones? Yes.

After hearing Samantha’s answers to my questions, I feel even more inspired by her outlook on beauty and the online beauty community. She always keeps it real. Plus, we have all had a crazy shimmery lip balm at one point in our lives, and who doesn’t have an awkward eyebrow moment (unless that’s just me).

It is so refreshing that Samantha deals with the same struggles the rest of us face. Something truly wonderful about her is that she isn’t hiding away or pretending her life is perfect. She shares the best parts of her days and the harder parts with her viewers, so we all know we are not alone in this fun yet sometimes messy world of beauty.


Photo courtesy of Samantha Jane