Dark Circles? Brighten Them Up

Are dark under eye circles the bane of your existence? I’m with you. Whether you had trouble sleeping, woke up early, or just seem to have permanent bags under your eyes we all know the struggle. But we no longer have to suffer in silence, or at all for that matter. From skincare to makeup there are quite a few steps you can follow to take your dark circles from drab to “what dark circles?”

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First up… It is time for an eye cream. Whether you have wrinkles or not, an under eye cream or gel can improve darkness immensely. There are some gels that are applied with a metal ball to reduce puffiness with a cool sensation, others are heavy creams if you also suffer with dryness, but if you just want to beat everything about those tired looking eyes the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye does it all. Of course this will take longer than makeup to reveal improvement, but stick with it. Once you let the skincare do its work, there is less makeup to apply.

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You may think concealer is the next step, but if you truly want that darkness to be unseen, a color corrector is what you want. You want something that is nice and light so that your under eye looks smooth and refreshed, but also something with a bit of coverage. For anyone in the midrange of skintones a peachy corrector should do the trick, but if you tend to be paler a pale pink would be better, and for deeper skin tones an orange or even red is what you want. Nearly every brand from drugstore to luxury has their own version of these. We love the Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer as it is quite emollient. You only want to apply this in the darkest areas such as the inner corner and beneath or you could layer on too much product.

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Now for the concealer. Your everyday concealer should finish off the job at this point. But unless you have the most moisturized under eye area try not to reach for something too matte. The Glossier Stretch Concealer is thin enough to not cake up, but also offers a good amount of coverage to complete the look. Once the coverage step is done, you can finish it off with a light dusting of your favorite powder to lock it in all day or even bake (but that is a lesson for another day).

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Now this step may not conceal or brighten your dark circles, but it will make your eyes pop. Plus it helps you to look wide awake. Applying a bright shimmering shade of eyeshadow into your inner corner will take your look from nice to wow. As you can see in the photo above the difference although subtle can seem dramatic. It will just give you that little extra brightness, and we all want that.

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And then a trick that has been used by makeup artists and celebrities for ages, a light shade of inner rim liner. This one small step can drastically open up your eyes, and reduce any appearance of tiredness. All you need is a white or pale nude shade of creamy long lasting eyeliner depending on your coloring. Then just pop it in your lower inner rim and bam. People will ask you how you look so refreshed and awake. We recommend the Tarte Fake Awake Eye Highlight as it is vegan and super long wearing. But whichever brand you choose, you will be surprised when you look in the mirror.

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You will no longer have to worry about looking in the mirror, having a Freaky Friday moment, and then realizing it is actually just your dark circles you’re seeing. Instead follow these simple steps to brighten those bags, and feel fresh faced once again. Who knows, maybe you can even fool yourself into thinking you got a full night’s sleep.

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