Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Diversity in the beauty industry has become a controversial topic. And what good news that is. Expanding the reach of beauty products to women of all colors, cultures, and ethnicities has been a long time coming. And with brands still only releasing 4 or 7 shades in a range, we have a long way to go. But this past year has launched a new wave in beauty. Both new and classic brands have released larger shade ranges, launched campaigns featuring women that look real, and have realized that diversity is not just an investment or a boost to sales, but it connects women to the brand through a deeper understanding.

If you missed this in the world of beauty news, Tarte launched a wildly petite color selection in their Shape Tape foundations earlier this year. This event started such an uproar amongst the beauty community that it led to an eye opening realization for many brands. This drastic error from Tarte has created to a movement in the beauty industry.

Now, we have to give credit where credit is due. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty began this revolution to make sure every single woman could relate to the brand and use their products. From there, Kylie Jenner launched her large concealer range, and numerous other brands followed this lead. Yes, it is unfortunate that more brands didn’t realize this sooner, but we can appreciate the fact that the change is coming now. Better late than never right?

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When it comes to beauty and accessing beauty products, especially makeup, it should not be a privilege based on your skin tone, rather, it should be a right for every woman. And for a while, you could only find a decent shade range in department stores for a small fortune. This also limited the options for many women on a budget, looking for more affordable makeup.

But due to this year’s growth in diversity throughout the industry, even more affordable and drugstore makeup brands have joined the lineup of brands appreciating and recognizing all women. And that is more than just a spot on a shelf, the following brands have featured women of all colors in their advertisements and campaigns.

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Honest Beauty, launched by Jessica Alba, is a skincare and makeup brand that has been inclusive from the very beginning. With safe and quality ingredients, this brand caters to women of all ethnicities and budgets. The line is not expensive neither is it cheap. She even has three products that won Allure Best Beauty Product.

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L’Oreal is a beauty brand we are all familiar with. They have been around since, well, forever. And although their shade range has always been quite good, they have more recently made their True Match line a feature in their television and magazine ads. This foundation collection comes with 33 shades of all undertones and depths. Also, Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation comes in 40 shades so that every woman can find their true shade match. Having such popular brands create foundation lines that are inclusive and cater to everyone is not just wonderful for spreading awareness, but it acknowledges women that have felt ignored for so long.

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And then we have Revlon, who may be a little late to the game, but their latest Live Boldly campaign promotes diverse women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. By choosing brand ambassadors like Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham, activist— Adwoa Aboah, and model— Imaan Hammam they have been able to allow women to relate to Revlon beauty products and celebrate their true beauty everyday.

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To feel that your skin color is not acknowledged by the beauty industry is like an indescribable lack of acceptance. But hopefully those days will remain long behind us. As long as our support for brands that are making the necessary changes continues, more brands will understand what they need to do to be more inclusive and diverse in their offerings. One day, every woman of every race and color will be able to walk into any department store or drugstore and pick up any foundation she wants without being limited by her skin color. And that will be the day that diversity in the beauty industry is no longer a dream, but finally a reality.



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