Do You Need A Beauty Routine Post Workout?

Unfortunately yes, in most cases you do need some sort of beauty essentials in your gym bag. Unless of course you are headed home to fully shower, and complete your entire routine. But as most of us barely have the time to hit the gym in the first place, a condensed version of your daily routine is necessary. If you work up a sweat, and simply head off to run errands or go to lunch not only will you carry a rank odor with you, but that lack of routine could leave you with breakouts, a rash, or just an overall not cute look.

Naturally we are not expecting you to go full glam after hot yoga, but if you want to look presentable in case you run into your ex or boss, these simple beauty steps will make that happen. So go on, and heat up your work out because we have got your cool down beauty essentials. 

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The first step you can take to make sure your after workout look is as fab as possible is to forget the hair ties, and choose a scrunchie to pull back your hair. This may seem like an unnecessary way to bring some 80s and 90s fads into the gym, but actually scrunchies offer a nice grip to keep your hair up without leaving that awful crease in your hair. Plus these cause infinitely less breakage to your hair than elastics. And it never hurts to throw a cute and colorful accessory into your gym attire.

Do You Need A Beauty Routine Post Workout? - Wipes

Wipe down. Of course you can skip this if you plan on hopping in the shower, but if you are in a hurry these Yuni Shower Sheets are ideal for after a sweaty gym session. Plus they come in handy individual packs for easy on-the-go use. And they do more than wipe the sweat away, they actually deodorize you for a fresh feeling. You should also throw in some pre-soaked facial pads, especially if you happen to be breakout prone. We recommend the First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes, as they offer cleansing, brightening, soothing, and hydrating properties to the skin. Before you start covering up your post workout look, you should clean it up.

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Then our savior, dry shampoo. Even if you head to the gym with super clean hair, one spin class, and it is grease city. So grab a mini handbag-sized dry shampoo, and spritz it through your roots to add volume and freshness back into your locks. Batiste makes their #1 best-selling dry shampoo in a perfect for the gym sized can. Once you spray it in, let it do its magic, and soak up the oils for a minute or so, and then get to rubbing in any residue and the grease is gone.

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Even after toning and cleansing the skin, your post workout glow may look more red, shiny, and blotchy than you would like it to. That is why, a powder is always a great gym beauty routine staple. Any compact will do to provide shine control and a touch of coverage, but this one from Clinique was made especially for this situation. It has a subtle yellow tone to neutralize redness on the skin, and is lightweight enough to not feel cakey at all. If you want to head out for lunch after the gym this powder will take you from mess to yes.

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For those looking for a bit more glam, reach for multipurpose products. These are great for all over the face, and they take up less space in your bag. We recommend the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Tint as it provides a pop of color to the face without overdoing it. It comes in four shades and is fool-proof, so even when you are in your after gym haze you can make it work. And to amp up your look just a touch more, toss your favorite mascara into the mix. The eye opening effects of just a few swipes of mascara make all the difference.

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A facial mist is certainly refreshing, but also offers an all-over cool down. This one from Avène is made with thermal spring water, and does wonders for the skin. It calms irritated and inflamed skin whilst adding a dewy glow to your face and all over.  

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Finally, a must-have is deodorant. We assume you already have this living in your gym bag as it is sort of required, but throwing in a fresh scent of perfume or body spray takes you one step closer to shower freshness. Speaking of shower freshness the Clean Shower Fresh fragrance is a clean yet sexy scent to take you to any occasion smelling clean. This is the cherry on top of your post gym beauty routine.

Don’t you feel cleaner already? Never worry about covering up your sweaty gym smell or blotchy workout skin again. These low maintenance beauty essentials will ensure that your are clean and fresh, but still maintain your healthy endorphin-induced workout glow.


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