Embrace Your Body Hair: Tips & Benefits

As women, we have a lot to worry about. Should removing all of our body hair really be one of those things? Of course it is totally up to you to choose how you groom, and you do not need me to tell you that. But have you ever considered just letting it be?

For many women, the idea may have never crossed their mind. And if it has, it may have only been due to the hassle of shaving or waxing, not the fact that women with body hair are attractive, sexy, and awesome.

Now if you love the feeling of smooth hair free skin— super, as long as you remove that hair for you, not for anyone else. And if removal is more of your speed, we have an entire post dedicated to extending the time between shaving. But whether you are looking to save money, save time or snub the patriarchy, and letting yourself go au naturel has numerous benefits.

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First off, Paris Jackson, Lisa Bonet, and tons of other celebrities, including Madonna herself have all showed off their pride in letting their hair be. These women have not only embraced their body hair, but have also helped the topic to become less taboo. Although very empowering this may not be all the inspiration you were looking for. If not, consider this…

Once you toss your razor, you can say goodbye to razor burn - SHOCKER, I know. But there will be no more sore inflamed bumps hiding in the most delicate areas of your body. If you have severely sensitive skin, this is definitely going to be a big deal to you. Not to mention the time and money you could potentially save on razors, waxes, shaving creams, and the like. Then, there is the fact that growing your hair will not only prevent irritation, but it also protects the skin. There will be no more chafing and ingrown hairs, and you will enjoy less dryness once the growing process is complete.

And if love is something you happen to be looking for, it may interest you to know that both underarm hair as well as pubic hair release oils that contain pheromones, which are proven to attract mates — ooh la la!

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This extra hair also has the power to wick away sweat like a champ. Obviously this is beneficial if you find yourself to sweat pretty profusely. And if you grow your pubic hair, you can keep yeast infections at bay, and lower your risk of getting an STI. Now this is definitely NOT a replacement for using protection, but it is a nice plus for sure.

Who knew body hair had so many health and beauty benefits?

Evolution I would guess. Even after years of women removing it all, it continues to grow back with each generation. Now that you are convinced or at least intrigued, here are some tips you should follow if you plan to let your hair grow free.

As you first stop shaving or using whatever hair removal method, ingrowns are likely to pop up. We all know what a nasty nightmare they are, but you can feel good knowing this is only temporary. So to help you out on your way, exfoliating will make a big difference. You can even exfoliate gently in your bikini or underarm area. Just be sure to avoid using any fragranced products near your you know what. Using an exfoliating mitt is probably your best bet for all over. They are affordable, and have no chemicals or anything like that to worry about. This will help to ensure your pores and hair follicles are not doing anything funny, but are all growing in the right direction.

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The first few days to a week or so will be tough. Things will be scratchy and itchy, and all over uncomfortable, especially if you are used to shaving daily. But the prickliness will not last forever. You have probably often heard people say that hair grows back thicker after you remove it. This is due to the base of the hair follicle being thicker than what the ends of the hair are. The longer your hair grows, no matter where on your body, it will feel smoother and softer. In just a few weeks, the hair will be nice and silky, and you should not have any worries.

Letting the hair be does not mean zero grooming. I mean, it can if that is your thing. But even most men with full beards do a bit of trimming now and again. All that means is clean up the stragglers and edges. A reason this is so important, especially with pubic hair is that urine can build up in the hair. Yikes! But as long as you clean down there regularly, especially when it is your time of the month you should be just fine.

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Finally remember how awesome you are being for overpowering society standards, and owning your natural hair. And even if you decide to remove it all — good for you! Either way, what you do with your underarms, legs, and everywhere else is your choice. And if someone does not like it, that is their problem, not yours.

If you want to try it out, embrace your hair at your own speed. Start with your armpits, and take it from there or vice versa. This could be exactly what you needed in order to own your femininity, and love every bit of your body. Plus, everything else from the 70’s is making a comeback, why not the bush?



Photo Credit: cover photo via brit.co, first photo via @Madonna, second photo via bustle.com, third photo via revelist.com, and fourth photo via pinterest.com