Fashion Forward Hairstyle Trends For Spring 2019


With a new season comes a new style; a hairstyle that is. Let’s change things up for the warmer weather. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and ladies are strutting out of the salon with the latest hairstyle trends. You can chop it off, layer it up, or simply add an accessory, and your hair will be ready to say hello to spring!

Blunt Cuts

via    Allure

via Allure

We tend to let our hair grow in the cooler months to keep us warm. Plus, who wants to go to the salon or anywhere in the middle of winter? Not me. But now that blistering winds are blowing away, a blunt cut is the ideal no-fuss look for the coming season. Whether you go ear-length, chin-length, or shoulder-length, a blunt cut is easy and works with just about any hair texture. It looks great straight, curly or coiled, and keeps the hair off the neck in the coming heat. You can style it or just leave it alone, and it still looks put together.


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Barrettes, clips, pins, whatever you want to call them, they are in. Yes, the things your mom put in your hair for picture day when you were a kid. They are back and bigger than ever. These simple clips not only keep your hair out of your face, but add a bit of whimsy to any look. They offer a youthful touch or a classy accent. With cheetah prints, cloth, gold, or sparkly versions, there are options to fit your style. Check out Urban Outfitters and ASOS for some unique options.

Face-framing Pieces

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Whether you get your haircut to frame your face or simply pull out baby hairs to do so, this look in making a splash at awards shows, in magazines, and on the street. Everyone from Alexa Chung to Camila Cabello is showing off the bits and pieces of hair around their faces. These can be full on curtain-bangs or little strands of hair around your ears. It depends on your preference and face shape, but there is no doubt that framing the face with your hair is a go-to hairstyle this spring.

High Ponytails

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Every few years, this look comes back. And this year is that year. It may be thanks to Ariana Grande and her signature look, but the high ponytail is killing it right now. This look is clean, smooth, and gives your face a bit of an uplift. What could be better? It can be styled to go to a gala, the gym, or run errands. Use a scrunchie to get a laid back feel, or wrap an excess strand of hair around an elastic to make things more precise.

Shaggy Layers

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At one point in time, when you walked into a salon and asked for layers, you would get two or three. Now, there are options. Instead of a few well laid out layers, the latest style trend is shaggy layers. It gives a messier and more lived in look compared to the classic style. Think of it as the modern take on “The Rachel” from the 90’s. Hailey Baldwin-Bieber’s latest look is a great example of a mid-length shag, but Janelle Monae has been rocking a shaggy pixie that is just stunning.

Low Baby Bun

It was not so long ago when the messy bun was coveted by everyone. We all wanted the perfect amount of volume and lift, while also looking effortless. There were ten-minute long tutorials on YouTube to perfect the messy bun. But those days are behind us now, with the awakening of the low baby bun. This is the definition of effortless and is actually best achieved with short or thin hair, so there is no need for extensions, donuts buns, or a million bobby pins. It is a sleek pulled-back simple bun with zero hassle. Sure it can be slicked back or looser for a more casual day, but it is today’s model-off-duty look for sure.

Bob and Bangs

Now, a French style that has made its way to the UK and US, a bob and bangs that is. This style is so French, it makes me want to eat croissants, and say bonjour to everyone I see. It is sweet and chic. It has a simplicity to it. It is short and can be sleek or shaggy. It has a bluntness to it, yet still frames the face in a soft way. Kat Graham has been showing off this style for months now, and many are following her lead. This look is far from safe though. It is bold and makes quite a statement. A bob and bangs on their own can be big changes, so creating the two at once is a lot, but it sure is stunning.

So, which of these spring 2019 styles are you calling your stylist for?

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