Feed Your Skin From The Inside Out

From serums to face masks and everything in between, we put a lot on our faces. We are constantly feeding our skin with antioxidants, vitamin C, and other beneficial ingredients that are mixed into our beauty products. But what if we fed our skin from the inside out?

Have you ever noticed a breakout emerging right after you splurged and got McDonalds? Or maybe the morning after you indulged in sugary and processed sweets?

Well, I certainly have. And there is a reason for that. Not everything we put in our bodies is skin friendly. But the good news is that there are tons of skin loving foods out there that can have the opposite effect of greasy bar food. In fact, we rustled up the best foods to feed your skin. They offer the most noticeable beauty benefits, plus they actually taste delicious, so it is a win win.

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First up on our list is the most-loved fish… Salmon. Salmon can be eaten in so many ways. From sushi, to grilled, baked, and even in seafood dips. This is a fish that gets around. And other than its delicious flavor, salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to help the skin remain supple and moisturized. Not only that, salmon also has properties that help to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin. So if you have a rough skin week, add some salmon to the menu, and see the difference. On top of those benefits, salmon contains Vitamin E protecting the skin from damage, protein for its strengthening properties, and zinc promoting cell turnover and healing. There are really no downfalls to indulging in this flaky pink fish, unless you are allergic to seafood. In that case, read on for more yummy beauty foods.

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Another versatile beauty food is the sweet potato. Whether you make them as baked fries, mashed, or cube and roast them up, sweet potatoes are your skin’s BFF. Being loaded with beta carotene, let sweet potatoes turn into vitamin A once broken down in the body, and help to protect your skin from the sun. Although this is not an alternative for wearing SPF, eating foods high in beta carotene like carrots and spinach prevent sun damage, dryness, and wrinkles. And if you eat enough of these foods, your skin may even take on a warm golden glow.

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Everyone’s favorite snack, avocados. These green gems are amazing for your health, and include numerous beauty benefits for your skin. With tons of healthy fats, avocados keep your skin moisturized and flexible, which helps you to look younger. And the Vitamin C promotes collagen leading to stronger skin, and fewer signs of aging. Plus, the Vitamin E in avocados protects your skin from free radicals. This is something many us are lacking, so go on, and pig out on all the guacamole and avocado toast you want.

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You may have noticed green tea is a popular ingredient in many skincare products. That is because it dramatically helps to reduce redness, and the appearance of acne. Not to mention green tea also counteracts rough skin, dryness, and increases the plumpness of your skin. The antioxidants found in green tea are of the highest potency that fight damaging compounds that can severely harm your skin. So if you increase your intake of green tea, you can make the most of all these beauty benefits.

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Finally, you have a reason to indulge in the luxury of chocolate without the fear of it landing on your hips or in a zit. Dark chocolate contains a wonderful source of flavonoids, which are skin loving antioxidants. But keep in mind a Snickers or Reese’s will not provide any beneficial elements to you other than your taste buds. So if you plan to look towards chocolate for beauty reasons, be sure to choose a dark chocolate bar with at least 70% cacao. Just a few bits of this a day, and your skin will be glowing. Overindulging is still a no no, but now you can satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. You may even find that your skin has reduced in puffiness, and emits a new and healthy glow.

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Grains and oats are a go to in scrubs and face masks. But these beauty essentials do more than help the surface of your skin. When you eat them, they help to moisturize your skin from the inside out. What else? Well eating things like oatmeal can help to reduce inflammation brought on by acne. And my favorite, it increases your production of melatonin, which helps with a better and solid night of sleep. And I do not know about you, but I could sure use some more beauty sleep.  

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Yummmmm… Is there anything as delicious as fresh ripe strawberries? I think not. Have them on your cereal, blended into your morning smoothie, or just eat them Pretty Woman style. No matter how you do it, eating fresh strawberries provides you with a rich source of vitamin C. This addition will help improve your skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, and increase healthy cells and collagen. This way, your skin will be wrinkle free and glowing. On top of that, the fiber in strawberries keep you uhm… regular, which also helps to clear your body of toxins and reduces the congestion that causes acne. Just be sure to floss after indulging, or else a seed could ruin the beauty of your smile.  

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Are you already planning your next trip to Whole Foods? If not, go for it, because these tasty beauty staples will take your skin to a whole new level. And your stomach will not be disappointed with the changes. Who knows, you could be on the verge of a whole new skin transformation.



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