Finding Your Go-To Makeup Look

Having a go-to makeup look gives you a sense of calm. When you don’t have the time or just can’t be bothered, you go for your signature look. It is how everyone recognizes you and you see yourself. And once you find which look you think suits you the best and get the hang of it, it should take you less than 10 minutes to complete it, and head out the door.

Now your go-to look may be full-on glam and if so, that is awesome. Personally, I am just way too lazy for that. But whether you love a full-face of makeup or a few essentials, having a signature look is like having a signature scent. You experiment, and may have a full collection of fragrances, but there is that one that is just you. It makes you feel comfortable and polished. I’m sure you have an outfit or style you return to over and over as well; jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket, or maybe a maxi dress?

We all love to test the waters and spend time in front of the mirror getting dolled up, but sometimes that go-to look is just you. It is when you feel the most you, and that is a great feeling to have. So what are some of the go-to looks and how can you achieve them in a few simple steps? If you have yet to discover your favorite kind of look or want to change yours up, these are some of my personal favorites and they tend to suit most people.

Winged Eyeliner

Photo via    The Notice

Photo via The Notice

Winged liner is a classic and it will always be. That subtle flick gives you a precision and poise that is difficult to recreate with other methods. But with that being said, mastering liquid liner is not an easy feat. Although it comes naturally to some, it takes a lot of practice. And even the most skilled makeup artists don’t always get it right. The good thing though is that you can draw attention to your eyes with one step.

Go ahead and conceal the darkness under the eyes, powder, then focus on the liner. You don’t even need eyeshadow. A pop of bronzer in the crease will add depth, but it isn’t necessary. Use a liquid, felt-tip or even gel liner to draw a thin line as close to your upper lashes as possible, create a small V-shape in the outer corner (the smaller the better - you can always add more, but it is hard to take away), connect it to the line, and finally fill it in, and you have accomplished a winged liner. To get this to last all day and look softer, you can top it with a small angled brush and a matte black shadow. Finish off with your favorite mascara and lip product, and you are out the door.

Statement Lip

Photo via    Buxom Cosmetics

Photo via Buxom Cosmetics

If you are makeuply challenged or just never have time for a full makeup look before work, this is the easiest one of them all. A statement lip awakens your entire face. It can brighten your eyes, perk you up, and even boost your confidence. The most difficult part here is finding the right bold lip for your coloring. For some that would be a red and for others it is an orange. It is really a game of trial and error. You can also always switch it up depending on the season. A deep berry is glorious for autumn, but a reddish-orange is ideal for summer.

All this look needs is your favorite base, a touch of mascara, maybe a dab of bronzer or blush, and top it off with the bold lip of your dreams. You’ll be out the door and ready for the day in a flash.

Smokey Eye

Photo via    Kramer + Kramer

Photo via Kramer + Kramer

The smokey eye will never go out of style. For one, it is flattering on just about every single eye shape and color, and secondly anyone, even makeup beginners can achieve it. Now there are levels to a smokey eye. You can go in with a brown or black kohl pencil and line your water lines to really darken things up, or you can keep it soft for daytime with a cool brown shade or even one cream shadow blended all over the lid. The great thing about a smokey eye is that you can always change up the color to suit your eye color. For instance, a warm brown will make blue eyes pop, and a deep purple will make brown and green eyes stand out. You can have this as your go-to look, but change up the colors for some fun.

Pack a matte color on the lid and slowly build it up, then take a clean blending brush and blend it into the crease. You can even add some of your bronzer in the crease to pull the eyes into the rest of the look. If you are super practical, however, you can grab a cream shadow or jumbo pencil, and blend it all over the lid with your finger. Add a little under the lash line, and you have a two-step smokey eye for every day.

Bold Brow

Photo via    Claudia Neacsu

Photo via Claudia Neacsu

This is my personal favorite; a brow can be such a statement. My younger self would have never imagined it, but it is true. Filling in your brows, especially in a bushy way can frame the face like nothing else. Now, Instagram brows are all fine and well, but without a complete look they can be a touch out of place. Instead, going in with a fiber-infused brow gel or pomade adds volume to the brows while still keeping their natural shape and overall look. If you focus on your brows you can spend less time on everything else. Maybe a touch of highlighter, mascara and a gloss, and you are good to go.

Glowy Goddess

Photo via    Becca Cosmetics

Photo via Becca Cosmetics

This is probably the most on trend at the moment. Adding a glow to your look does not have to be loads of glitter, it can be a wet or lit from within look. There are so many amazing creams, sticks, powders, and liquid highlighters on the market for you to recreate that signature JLo glow, and make it your own. All you need is a color that compliments your skin tone and to know where the high points of the face are. If you are paler, you may want to reach for a light champagne gold or even pinky highlighter. If you are tan, a warm gold or peach would be ideal. And if you have a deep skin tone, a bronze will look stunning. Now, a powder highlight will be more subtle, then cream, and finally liquid, so you may want to work your way up to a blinding highlight if you aren’t fully comfortable with that level of glow. Then hit the high points of the face, which are the bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow, the cheekbones, under the brows, the inner corner of the eyes, and even the chin & above the brows if you want to go all out. And if you are showing off your shoulders and collarbone you can pop some shine there as well, and everyone will ask how you got your skin so hydrated and healthy.

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