Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

From ingredients to packaging, most beauty products, both high-end and drugstore brands, don’t cater to the go-green attitude our generation needs to live by if we want to protect our planet. Eco-friendly products are not only a plus for the environment, but also for us. The less toxins, chemicals, and plastics that are involved in our beauty products the better.

You may recycle all your cans, use a reusable glass water bottle, and take measures in other aspects of your life, but what about beauty? Take a moment, and look at your collection. How many plastic bottles do you have on your counter, in the shower, and in your handbag? Are these bottles made of recyclable materials, are they biodegradable or reusable, can you even recycle them yourself once you’re done? If you’re shocked by the proof on your vanity, it may be time to switch up your routine, and go green.

There are a number of sensational brands at all price points that are eco focused and effective. Just as we support brands that feature inclusive shade ranges and ban photoshopping, supporting eco-friendly beauty brands may inspire the brands that are lacking to step up. So let’s see what brands are already leading the beauty industry into becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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credit korres.skincare

Korres seems to remain under the radar in the beauty world. That is unfortunate, because this skincare brand makes everything from face masks to lip tints, and bath and body products. And what makes Korres so competitive in such a crowded space is the fact that they only use biodegradable ingredients in all of their products. This ensures that there are no dangerous ingredients coming in contact with your skin. And with eco-friendly practices, recyclable packaging, and all cruelty-free products, Korres is one of the best and safest beauty brands around.

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credit burtsbees

We’ve all heard of Burt's Bees. Perhaps you were just as addicted to their lip balm in high school as I was. And at the time, I wasn’t even aware of all the natural commitments Burt’s Bees has made. With 99% natural formulas in their line, not to mention Post Consumer Recycled packaging, Burt’s Bees is also devoted to stopping animal testing and unfair working conditions. By the year 2020, Burt’s Bees has pledged to run their company on 100% renewable energy, and stop their products from ending up in landfills, amongst other endeavors. One of the many steps Burt’s Bees is taking is their Take Back Program. When you have at least three or more empty products from the brand, you can go to their site, and fill out a form for a prepaid label. Then you can send out the containers to ensure they will be recycled properly.

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credit thebodyshop

One of the many reasons I love The Body Shop so much is not only that they are cruelty free, but they actively fight against animal testing across the entire beauty industry with their growing petition. On top of that, The Body Shop has planned to be entirely sustainable with their sourcing and packaging by 2020. They also want to have all of their stores running on renewable and carbon balanced energy. And those are just some of their goals and dedications to protect our environment.

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credit lushcosmetics

LUSH has been such a go-getter when it comes to the environment. From campaigns for trans rights, safety for refugees, and other ethical crusades, LUSH is doing it all. They work with partners that expose the horrifics of animal testing, create their packaging from the plastic that ends up in the oceans, and are 100% vegetarian. In fact, 35% of their products don’t have any packaging at all. And those that do are recycled, recyclable, reusable, and compostable. Even their bags are biodegradable. And when you save up 5 empty LUSH pots, you can return them to any store, and get a FREE fresh face mask (MAC offers a similar program). So next time you do a LUSH haul and get comfy in the bath, you’ll know you did right by the environment when choosing LUSH.

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credit ecotools 

When it comes to beauty tools, EcoTools is the most sustainable of them all. Not only are they PETA certified as cruelty free, but they are also vegan. All of the EcoTools materials are made from recycled aluminum and plastic, renewable bamboo, and even their packaging is made of tree-free paper and cotton. So from makeup to skincare, you’re covered with an eco-friendly beauty routine.

Other than switching the beauty brands you choose, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your routine even more environmentally friendly.

First up, you should stop using makeup wipes, as most of these end up in landfills. But at the same time, don’t keep the water running either. Instead, reach for a flannel face towel, soak it to clean your face with that, or switch to biodegradable wipes like the Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes, which work wonders on the skin.

Next, be sure to check the packaging. We know how tempting it is to pick up beauty goodies from the newly released section, but just take a quick look at what you’re buying to ensure the ingredients, containers, and packaging are recyclable, as all of these factors affect the environment. Just by making these small changes, you are taking leaps and bounds in the right direction.

You can also simplify your beauty routine with fewer products. Whether that means going for a minimalist look or reaching for 2-in-1 products is up to you, but either way, you'll reduce waste. Our article 2-in-1 Beauty: Makeup With Skincare Benefits, is ideal for cutting down the cost and waste of your beauty routine. You can also take tips from our Detox Your Skincare post, and make your own natural beauty products in glass jars.

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credit goodsthatmatter

So now I say thank you to the environment. The world has given us extensive offerings from food to beauty, and so much more. And with that came an entitlement from humans to use up the world’s resources without thinking of the consequences that would harbor. So rather than following in the footsteps of so many before us, let’s make as many changes as we can to go green with eco-friendly beauty routines.



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