Hate Shaving Everyday? Then STOP!

Removing body hair is probably one of the more frustrating parts of our beauty routines. From our legs, to underarms, and the super delicate bikini area, it can be a real hassle especially when you have to repeat the process daily. Of course removing any of this hair is totally optional, and for those women that choose to go au naturel, more power to you. But for those of us that love the feeling of smooth and hairless skin, or remove the hair for whatever reason, going through the motions everyday just seems like too much.

Yes, waxing, laser hair removal, and Nair are all alternative methods for hair removal. But if you happen to be anything like me, shaving just seems to be the lesser of all evils. On the other hand shaving only lasts at most 24 hours before you are back at it again. But there has to be a way to extend the time between shaving. Your smooth legs should at least be able to last an entire weekend. Right?

Well, if you are in this hairy boat with me, keep on reading. These are some beauty tips and tricks I have picked up along my 15+ years of shaving daily to stretch it out just a bit longer.

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This is something we are all guilty of, but you really need to stop using an old razor. I know razors are insanely expensive, but reusing one that is dull or old will not do you any favors. Rather an old razor will increase your chance of razor burn, bumps, and even nicks. Plus you are much more likely to miss a critical spot like around the knees or ankles when your razor is not in tip top shape. If buying more cartridges is just too much of an investment for you, try out DORCO. You can buy their cruelty-free razors and cartridges for a portion of the price the name brand ones cost at the pharmacy. Plus you can buy both men's and women's handles or refills as all of their products are interchangeable.  

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Then something that takes a few extra moments in the shower, exfoliating. If you exfoliate your legs before you go in with your razor you will save yourself a whole lot of struggles. Buffing away the top layer of dead skin not only leaves your legs feeling baby soft, but it ensures that your razor is actually shaving the stubbly little hairs rather than getting clogged with dry skin. You can use a physical exfoliator like Ocean Salt from LUSH or even an exfoliating mitt will do the trick.

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Shave after letting your skin get a bit softer in the shower or more ideally, the bath. After just about 3 minutes of soaking your skin should soften to the perfect texture for shaving, and the process will be much easier. Not only will the hair be more conditioned, but your skin will be smoother and softer which allows the razor to glide over your skin more gently. This will help to avoid any nicks and cuts. Plus, just as your hair looks longer when it’s wet, your body hair is the same. This helps you to get a closer shave, ergo a longer lasting shave.   

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Make sure you are using a deep conditioning body wash or shaving cream. If you use your regular soap your skin is going to dry out as you shave. Adding in a deep conditioning product will further help to hydrate your skin and hair to make shaving less painful and more efficient. Also be sure you are rinsing your razor after every few glides, otherwise the build up will cause you to miss spots, and possibly cut yourself. And no one wants that.

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This is a little trick I picked up a few years ago. I’m not exactly sure why it works so well, but it truly does. Do you ever get razor burn or irritation after shaving? Yes? Well, me too. And it usually happens in the underarms or the bikini area. As these places are more sensitive, pulling the hair back in the opposite direction of growth in order to shave can cause redness and irritation. To counteract this, once you shave normally rinse your razor and go back over the same spot in the direction of the hair growth. This step seems to calm the skin a bit and soothe those sensitive areas. Seriously, just give it a go and see if it works for you. Like magic the redness seems to be prevented, and your sensitive areas are hair free for longer.

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Finally… Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Using a thick yet gentle cream to hydrate your body is essential to keep everything smooth for as long as possible. Not only will your skin maintain a healthy glow, but you will not notice your hair growing back as quickly. Although this step only soothes the skin and hairs, just like with your hair, it feels softer and silkier when moisturized. Essentially, this helps your stubble to come in less noticeably. Rather than being coarse and dry, it is softer and less spiky, because it is hydrated. Also, be sure to use a lotion or cream without loads of added fragrance. This can further irritate your skin.


And with these easy beauty tips your legs, underarms, and even sensitive bikini area should be hair free even longer. This will save you money on razors, time in the shower, and stress because worrying about shaving every single day is now a thing of the past.



Photo Credit: cover via Glossier, first photo via Dorco USA, second, third and sixth photos via LUSH Cosmetics, fourth photo via Cosmopolitan UK, and fifth photo via Gillette Venus. 

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