Healthy Hair Care for All Hair Types

Do you have dry and damaged hair? Or do your strands lay flat and look oily in just a few hours? Whatever your hair issue is (no worries we all have them), we have the product recommendations for your hair type. Forget bad hair days with these killer collections.

Healthy Hair Care for All Hair Types 1

1. Dry and coarse hair can be so hard to deal with. Your hair is craving moisture. You may have even tried a bunch of hair masks. But if you rinse them out and go to dry your hair and it’s already dry before you spray in your heat protectant, your hair is thirsty. So what can you use to put the moisture back in your hair, and give it the softness and shine you want? Well a line we’ve been loving is the Moroccan Oil Hair Hydration Collection. It helps to replenish your hair’s natural moisture and balances the oils, so your hair isn’t weighed down either. With everything from shampoo and conditioner to masks and an oil treatment, you’ll have silky hair immediately. And it’s just a small extra, but Moroccan Oil products all smell amazing!

Healthy Hair Care for All Hair Types 2

2. Next up are those of us with curly and frizzy hair. We can’t brush it or it poofs. We can’t use oils or it just looks like our hair is greasy. But the Kerastase Discipline collection will tame unruly hair, and offer smooth definition to even the wildest of locks. Make your curly hair manageable with their shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and leave-in treatments. You will finally love your curls again.

Healthy Hair Care for All Hair Types 3

3. Thin, fine, flat, oily — If these words can be used to describe your hair, what you need is volume. But, a lightweight product that will add lift and thickness to your hair without weighing it down can be hard to find. So it’s a good thing we found it for you with the Bumble & Bumble Surf line. With their Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner, the power of sea minerals will add texture to your hair that you can only find at the beach. And if you want to amp it up even more with some waves or curls, you can spritz in the much-loved Bumble & Bumble Surf Sprays for long-lasting yet touchable volume.

Healthy Hair Care for All Hair Types 4

4. Beautiful hair can be hard to come by if your color is fading. Dull and drab hair color isn’t what you want. And without touching up with potentially harsh chemicals more often you might think you can’t get that vivid color you spent hours in a salon for. But in fact, you can get gorgeous vibrant color with the right hair care routine. Processed and color-treated hair needs products to maintain the color and treat any damage. The Kenra Brightening and Color Maintenance lines do just that. Their violet toning products will brighten dull or brassy hair, and their Color Maintenance line will extend your color’s life and bring moisture to your strands.

Healthy Hair Care for All Hair Types 5

5. Last but not least is a category we’re all a part of at least once. And that’s the damaged hair group. Whether it’s UV damage, heat damage, or a combination of the two, we all get it. Having brittle and breakage-prone hair is not fun. Your hair always sort of looks blah, and doesn’t feel healthy. We’re looking for that soft, flowy, and bouncy style, but what we get is dull. Well once you try the Living Proof Restore products, you’ll have the hair beauty of your dreams. Cleanse, treat, and protect your hair with these luxurious and strengthening line of hair care products.

Now what more could you need? These are the hair care products to take your hair from drab to fab. Just try them out, and see what we mean. The beauty of your hair will bring in compliments left and right.

Photo Credit: Cover from Eva Hair NYC, first from Moroccan Oil, second from Kerastase, third from Bumble and Bumble, fourth from Kenra, and fifth from Living Proof