How To Get Your Red Lip To Last All Day

Rocking a red lip can feel truly amazing. With one swipe of that gorgeous pigment you look and feel glam and confident wherever you’re headed. But when you look in the mirror hours later and notice that it’s on your teeth, or worse on your cheek you probably feel more foolish than classy. Thankfully with these products and tricks, your red (or any bright and bold lip color) will take you from brunch to dinner and beyond.

Whether you’re a red lip lover or are new to rocking a bolder lip color these tips are for you. And once you try them, you’ll keep them locked in your stash of makeup secrets forever.

1 - First things first you’ll need to pick your perfect red. You’ll want something that flatters your skin tone, maybe makes your teeth look whiter, and definitely doesn’t exaggerate dryness. Some people love a red with an orange undertone as it stands out, and others love something a bit more pink or blue-toned to make your teeth look nice and bright. But if you’re new to a red lip sticking with a neutral tone that flatters everyone across cultures is ideal. If you’re hesitant about making a statement, but still want to exude confidence Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in Big Kiss is a perfect wearable red for all. Plus it’s a cream formula that feels comfortable and lasts.

How to get your red lip to last all day - Prep.png

2 - Then for the prep. When you want your lip color to look perfect, and take you from work to a night out you need to start with a clean slate. And the best way to do that is with a luxurious lip scrub. We love the scrubs from LUSH as they’re cruelty-free, and come in a bunch of delicious fragrances/flavors like honey, chocolate, bubble gum, mint, and even popcorn. Just take some of the decadent and sugary scrub out of the jar with your finger, and rub on your lips to buff away any dryness or flakiness. Then either wipe or lick off your lips if that’s your thing. This will leave them soft, smooth, and maybe even a little plump. Then finish up with a thin layer of your favorite lip balm to absorb while you complete the rest of your makeup. This will help to ensure your lips are in their best shape for when you come back to them at the end.

How to get your red lip to last all day - Lip Liner

3 - It’s time to start applying color to the lips. By now, your lip balm should have settled in, leaving your lips soft and moisturized. And a lip pencil starts the color layering process. It doesn’t just extend the wear time of any lip color, but it keeps your lipstick within your lip line, and just makes the whole process more precise. Contrary to popular belief, your lip liner does not actually have to perfectly match your lipstick color. If you have the duo go for it, but if not don’t fret. Any similar shade will get the job done. Or you could even take your favorite neutral liner shade to tone down any bright colored lipstick. Start by outlining your lips with a pointed pencil, then fill them in to create a base layer of color.

How to get your red lip tp last all day - Apply and blot.jpg

4 - Onto the fun part. This is what you’ve probably seen in the classic makeover scenes in movies like Clueless. And it’s not just a silly step to recreate, it actually works. Swipe on your red lip of choice, either from the bullet or with a lip brush for even more precision. Then use a tissue to gently blot your lips. You may think this is just taking off color, but in fact, it’s locking the color into place and creating a staining effect that lengthens the wear time. This also reduces the chance of bleeding as it removes the excess moisture from the lipstick.

How to get your red lip to last all day - Curly hair red lip reapply blot

5 - Finally you’ll want to reapply the lipstick. Light layers is what it’s all about. So go on and pop on that final layer of your perfect red and blot. Yes, again. This is the final locking step. And before you head out the door or take that selfie, be sure to use this age old trick to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth. Make a thumbs up, awkwardly insert your thumb between your lips, close your lips around your thumb, and pull it out. This removes any lipstick that may have gotten on the inner part of your lips, and prevents you from looking like Lindsay Lohan’s mathlete rival at the end of Mean Girls.

We know this seems like a lot of steps, and we don’t expect you to follow these in depth on the regular. That would be a little much. But if you have a long day ahead of you, a late meeting or an even later date, these steps will keep your red lip in place and looking flawless. Don’t let your fear of smeared or worn lipstick stop you from making a confident statement with your makeup.

Photo Credit: cover via Ashley Rudder, first photo via Tanya Burr Cosmetics, third photo via LUSH, fourth photo via Maybelline, fifth photo via Missguided, and sixth photo via Mac Cosmetics