How To Perfect Your Brows: From Growing To Grooming

From plucking to shaping, trimming and filling — eyebrows are such a huge part of the beauty world today. But for those of us that grew up before the era of brows being on fleek there maybe some things we still need to learn. Trying to grow in your over plucked brows? Struggling to find the right products to keep them in place? Lost entirely? Have no fear we have the tips and tricks to bring your brows to the 21st century.

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For those who feel hesitant about fussing with their brows at all, we get it. It can be a scary thing. Especially if as a tween you made the ultimate mistake to over pluck or trust someone else to shape them the exact way you want them to look. Hopefully as an adult you can trust yourself to take it slow this time around. Caring for your brows is like starting a new job. It seems overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a second nature.

Brows shape the face. They frame your eyes, give your face definition, and are another way to have fun with your look. With all the brow products on the market like pencils, powders, pomades, creams, and even the scarier, scissors and tweezers, there is a lot you can do with your brows. And once you start the process, you will begin to wonder how you ever completed your beauty routine without focusing on your eyebrows.

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Up first is growing your brows. Whether you shaved them, plucked them, or let someone else wax or thread them into nothingness, there are ways to get your natural brows back. Yes, Latisse is a common lash growth product that has been known to help regrow your eyebrow hairs. But it is quite an investment, requires a doctor, and can come with side effects. A more natural and affordable route to take would be applying castor oil onto your brows each night before bed. Simply massage the oil into your brows, and let sit overnight. The massage will help to stimulate blood flow for growth, and the oil will moisturize the hair for strength and health, just as a hair oil does for the hair on your head. If you do this consistently, you should begin to see a difference in just a few weeks. From thickness to length, castor oil has been known to show the most dramatic results.

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Once your brows thicken up, or if you happen to be lucky enough to have kept your brows tweezer-free, maintaining them is the next step. This may be the most nerve-racking step of caring for your brows, but if you take your time you will do just fine. There are a number of tools you can reach for when cleaning up your brows. The least painful and easiest is a small facial razor (not your leg razor ladies). You can pick up a multi pack of these at the drugstore. If you want to do the bare minimum to your brows you can use this blade to gently shave between your brows. One swipe should do it, otherwise you could end up with half a brow.

Another way to keep up with your brows at home is plucking. When in natural light, use a pair of sharp tweezers and pluck between the brows. You can also grab any extra dark or thick hairs that have popped up underneath your brows. Yes, it may sting at first, but you should get used to it rather quickly. This will last longer than shaving. But if you want to take it up a notch and shape your brows you will need an eyebrow comb and eyebrow scissors. You can brush your brows straight up, then very gently trim the top edges so that all the hairs are even. Be sure to leave the tail end of your brows alone. This takes some time, but again it all comes with practice.

And if you cannot be bothered with any of this, you can put your brows in the hands of a professional. These methods will last the longest and you can go in without the fear of chopping off half your brow. Whether you choose waxing, threading, or even the trendy microblading which completely overhauls your brows, make sure you go to a trusted and certified brow expert.

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Then comes makeup. This is the most fun part if you ask us. There are so many brow products to experiment with. And as makeup is only temporary, you can go all out without fear. When starting out a brow powder is the most forgiving option to fill your brows in with. We love the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Powder as it comes in a universal shade — No need to find your match. But if you want a more defined brow, a pencil like the much-loved Anastasia Brow Wiz comes in ten shades and is precise enough for all brow shapes and sizes. A cream eyebrow product will offer you more pigment and longer staying power, but can be a bit messier so proceed with caution. With all of these methods simply use a angled brush or pencil to follow the natural hairs in your brows, and you will achieve fuller and bolder brows.

For those with untamed hairs that like to aim in all directions the Glossier Boy Brow has quickly become a favorite for many. With four shades of this brow pomade you can choose clear for a simple hold or a tint for some extra color. To use it, you simply take their petite brush and sweep through your brow hairs in the direction you want them to go, and they will stay in place all day. On top of that, they will feel and look soft and natural whilst adding a thicker appearance to your brows.

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Hopefully you feel a little less stumped when it comes to your eyebrows now. Whether you want to regrow a brow styling fail or fill in your sparse brows these are the growing and grooming essentials you should know. And there is no need to worry, you can love your brows without following trends like feathered or glitter brows. Simply stick to the basics and your brows will thank you. And who knows, once caring for your brows becomes automatic, wavy or rainbow brows may have a place in your future. What do you think?

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