Is Eyeshadow Palette Repeating a Thing?

We have all heard of outfit repeating, thanks Lizzie McGuire, but is palette repeating really a thing? It seems so. I mean we have all seen marked down copycat palettes of bestsellers like Anastasia Modern Renaissance and the Urban Decay Nakeds from Makeup Revolution, ELF, and Wet n Wild, but are all the newest palettes practically the same?

There is nothing new to competing trends in the beauty market. A few year ago, every brand had a bronzey palette, then a cooler toned one, rose gold had its moment, and most recently warm nudes have taken over. But as I noted in our Color Trend post a few weeks ago, yellow is going to be the latest statement color of summer. And it seems I was right, if I do say so myself.

If you keep-up-to date with the beauty world, I am sure you could name at least 5 warm nude palettes that launched in the last year or two. You may even have a few. And there is nothing wrong with brands putting out palettes that people want, even if they are similar. Having a choice of price range and brand is great when shopping for your go-to palette, but where does the trend stop and creativity begin?

As mentioned in that color trend article, many brands were launching palettes that feature yellow as the pop of color. It is unique, bright, and screams summer, so I am here for it. But if you take a look at 3 of the newest and most talked about palettes to the market, you may see some overlap, with more than just one shade.

Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag

Photo via    Lunar Beauty

Photo via Lunar Beauty

First, we have Manny MUA’s Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag palette that we have only seen sneak peeks of in the past. With half the palette full of neutrals to help anchor any colorful looks, the other half features some insanely bright shades. And the ones we keep seeing are yellow and a couple teal shades. Even the pink and red seem to have similar shades popping up in new launches. This is not to say this palette is anything from glorious, but it is one of a few that may offer you a similar look on the eyes.

Jeffree Star Thirsty

Photo via    Jeffree Star

Photo via Jeffree Star

Another eye palette that we have all been waiting patiently for is Jeffree Star Thirsty. Although this palette is a touch more pastel, at least from what we can see in this photo, the yellows and teals are making a repeat statement. And although the pinks and peachier shades are not identical to others, the vibe is eerily similar if you ask me. But those metallics are unique and look so indulgent, so there is a difference.

Violet Voss Flamingo

Photo via    Violet Voss

Photo via Violet Voss

In the newest Violet Voss palette: Flamingo, we have similar shades sprouting up. This palette does avoid any neutral, aside from the matte black and cream shades in the bottom right hand corner, but the vibe is no longer something new to me. We have the yellows, the teals, and the warm pinks and oranges. Once again, this palette is gorgeous, and I am sure each and everyone of these was created without knowledge of the others. In fact, I am sure they all wanted to bring something new and never before seen to the market, but sort of all hit the same nail on the same head.

Personally, Life’s a Drag is up my alley with the balance of color and neutrals, and yes, Jeffree and Violet’s palettes will give you varying looks and offer different shades, but is it drastic enough to justify buying all three? If you are a makeup collector or a fan of these beauty gurus, then by all means yes. But for those of us that invest in only one or two palettes a year, it is best to choose the right yellow, pink, and teal shade.

If you love color and options, the Flamingo palette has the most diversity. With purples, and that awesome greyish blue shimmer called Surf, you can create a different look everyday of the month. But if you like to anchor your looks with a matte brown or crease shade, Life’s a Drag would be the ideal option. And Thirsty screams metallics to me; that middle row is what the palette is all about while the top row keeps things soft enough for a natural work look.

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