Is Kat Von D Exiled From the Beauty Industry?

Kat Von D is well-known for her unique style, her outspokenness, and of course, her cruelty-free beauty line. For years now, her makeup line has been celebrated for its full-coverage and long-wearing nature. It is also in the works that she plans to make her entire line vegan. And although the brand has been criticized for their lack of deeper shades and high prices tags, it has done very well in the vegan and cruelty-free marketplace. That is until recently.

Photo via    Vaxopedia

Photo via Vaxopedia

This summer, Kat Von D announced she will raise her child vegan. But not only that, she has also chosen not to vaccinate her child, most likely due to the animal ingredients in vaccines. Now, we all know that testing beauty products on animals is unnecessary and uncalled for, but when it comes to making life-saving medications and vaccines, we can all agree on the importance. Given that vaccines have prevented millions if not billions of deaths and by having just one person not vaccinated can cause an epidemic, makes this more than just her business.

And that is not the only problem that Kat Von D and her brand are dealing with. The fact that she shared this news with her large audience of some easily swayed people is incredibly dangerous. When you have such a large following, sharing your position isn’t just talk, it influences thousands of people. This led many members of the beauty community to consider Kat irresponsible.

Photo via    Kat Von D

Photo via Kat Von D

From this, Kat Von D has shot back by saying it is her right to make these medical decisions and a private issue. Yet, so many people are angry, and frankly, disappointed, precisely as she made it public. She chose to share this medical decision with the world and that comes with its fair share of backlash.

Thankfully, it seems Kat’s anti-vax stance is not linked to the false yet widespread rumor that vaccines cause autism, as that has been intensely debunked. But, vaccines do contain animal by-products.

Kat Von D’s announcement has done more than just cause controversy. Many beauty influencers are boycotting the brand altogether. If you watch beauty updates and came across YouTube channels like Beauty News, you will know the brand is definitely receiving heat since the news surfaced. Some influencers are not only boycotting the brand, but also refuse to talk about it or give it any attention whatsoever.

But, should we stop using her products? Does her decision should affect her thousands of employees? Is that our responsibility or hers? She is promoting something that is proven to be irresponsible, unhealthy, and dangerous for the world. So if her brand suffers immensely from this, isn’t the fallout her own fault? Now, spewing hate and sending death threats crosses the line and is completely unnecessary. But, if anyone wishes to protest Kat and/or her brand that is their choice.

Now, it has been a few months since this happened and it seems the brand isn’t doing much to reverse the narrative. Recently Kat Von D announced a new collection called Fetish. It contains a number of palettes. At first glance, it looks similar to the design we are used to seeing from the brand, but upon a closer examination, there is quite a bit to shake your head at.

Starting with the shade names, the eyeshadow palette features names including rope, whip, safe word, bondage, and more. To some, this may seem edgy and even on brand, but to others it is inappropriate. Having young girls applying eyeshadows with such names is concerning to some. Not only that, but the fact that anyone of any age can walk into a Sephora and see this makes some uncomfortable. Beauty is supposed to be fun, and themes are great, but when does it cross the line?

Another issue with this launch is Kat profiting off those who are actually members of the S&M community. This is a part of people’s lives, and it could be said that she is using a stereotype that makes them look bad or inappropriate. One could argue that she is making this community more mainstream, but others say she is taking something she is not involved in, and essentially ripping it off. Even with all of this, Kat does have a dedicated fan base, who are excited about this release. So, where do you stand on Kat Von D?

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