Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ask surrogate what she's doing for next 18 years

All is well with the West family as they celebrate the birth of their new baby girl, Chicago, weighing in at 7lb 6 oz. via surrogate. After sending news to the press, Kim and Kanye casually asked the surrogate what she’s doing from this Friday until 2036.

“We were just wondering after the recovery and such, if you were busy for say the next 18 years. I mean, if you have nothing going on of course.” Kanye reportedly asked the exhausted woman. Kim interjected “we consider you part of the family, and would love it if you could hang out a little more and maybe do a little more other than giving birth.”

According to sources, the surrogate’s duties would include breastfeeding, diaper changing, swaddling, switching the infant to solid food, baby-proofing the house, potty-training, enrolling in pre-school, taking the child to and from school, finding appropriate schools from kindergarten through high school, and preparing all meals. After that, she’s done.

As of this writing the surrogate was sleeping peacefully, but then awoke screaming as if she had a really bad dream.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

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