Lazy Saturday? Get a laugh with these 10 Super Bowl Commercials

Toyota Odds of Winning a Gold Medal

Very nice, emotional, uplifting and the most surprising part is that it’s from Toyota. 


Sprint Evelyn

Guy works on robots. The robot Evelyn questions why he hasn’t switched to Sprint since his phone bill is so high. All the robots start laughing at him. When asked why he switched, he says it’s because his coworkers are making fun of him. Kind of a long, very expensive way to go for a ham sandwich.


M&M’s Danny Devito

Everyone wants to eat these little critters so Brown M&M wishes he were human and turns into Danny DeVito and no one wants to eat him.


Wendy’s Flash Frozen

Wendy’s “burns” McDonalds who admits their beef is flash frozen. So, Wendy’s fires back with “the iceberg that sank the Titanic was frozen too. Just sayin’” Speaking of Titanic, Wendy’s turned a tweet into a 30 second spot. Should’ve stuck to Twitter.


Doritos – Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman

Wanted to hate this ad when I saw the idea. Very popular actor (Dinklage) vs. the classic go-to actor (Freeman) using a very topical hit (lip sync battle), but it’s really good. Shot beautifully, great song selection, big for the Super Bowl. Would want to watch over and over. There’s nothing wrong with it. 


David Harbour’s Infinite Tide Ad

How do you make a big Super Bowl Commercial?  Do what Tide did in this one.  It literally had it all. And cleverly said “Tide” a lot. 


Bud Light: The Bud Light Night

Funny, looks like Bud Light has found its voice after years of floundering.  Still don’t quite understand Dilly, dilly. 


Avocados Biodome

Inside the biodome.  They’ve got plenty of avocados, but the chips are left outside. Panic ensues.  Very funny, clever way to show how you don’t just need chips with guacamole. 


WeatherTech New Factory

Basically construction porn of the new WeatherTech factory being built. Boring. And then the big announcement, is that they “built their new factory right here in America.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?”  What do you want from me?


Pringles – Bill Hader

Huh? Why is Bill Hader in this? You can stack Pringles with different flavors, good idea.  Execution, not so much.