Lip Colors & Trends to Try This Spring/Summer 2019


As much as we all love the no-makeup makeup look, especially, during Spring/Summer when heavier makeup melts right off, a simple trick is to switch your lip color up for the season. Instead of buying a whole new makeup collection, sticking to your minimal look and adding a splash of color on the lips is the easiest way to transform your appearance for the warmer months.

But you don’t want to add just any bold color to the mix and pinky peach isn’t the only option. The latest trends include some unique tones, monochromatic looks, and a long-awaited change of texture. These trends are all over beauty and fashion magazines and being talked about by influencer and YouTuber, Tati Westbrook, and celebrity makeup artists, Scott Barnes and Monika Blunder.


via    Lancôme

This may sound like a cliché color for warmer weather, but red-orange is more than it seems, and does not have to be scary. Instead of choosing an all-out orange, try a red with an orange tone. Topshop’s Rio Rio is a great place to start, and can be worn matte, glossy or even blended to adjust the shade to your liking. You can also go monochrome by adding some red-orange on your eyelids and cheeks. This will pull the whole look together and is super on trend at the moment. In fact, Lancôme launched Le Monochromatique precisely for this coveted look. It is a cream to powder compact tint offered in 10 shades with three finishes: sparkle pearl, matte, and metallic pearl. It is buildable and provides a blendable flush of color for the lips, cheeks and eyelids. The shades Mademoiselle and French Affair have orange hues for the red-orange monochromatic trend. Go on and give it a try, plus it only cost $25.

Gloss Galore

With Spring comes dew. The sunshine and showers inspire glowy looks that appear healthy and fresh. And what’s healthier looking than a plump and glossy lip? You can finally celebrate your seventh-grade self, because glosses are back and better than ever. It is no longer a sticky and gloppy mess, instead, today’s glosses have more pigment, more shine, and more slip. The limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Lacquer is exactly that. It might seem daunting to wear such bold shades in a creamy formula, but they are formulated for a long-wear, to provide hydration all day, and to feel supple on the lips. I would recommend Latex Love in Studio 64. It is an electric, watermelon red with an orange undertone, a fan-favorite.

All About the Moisture

Sure, glosses are back, but it goes even further than that. We love the dewy and plump lip look, but we also want that feeling. We want to look moisturized and actually be moisturized at the same time. Now we won’t have such pigmented colors here, but the toned down tinted look is ideal for this soft glow. When you are getting a touch of color along with actual skin-loving ingredients that soothe your lips while looking flawless, you get the best of both worlds. If you love Nars Orgasm blush, their Oil-Infused Lip Tint comes in the same shade. This is a shimmery peachy pink with subtle gold flecks that is universally flattering and has the most comfortable cushiony feel. If you want even more protection, nourishment, and goodness for your lips, their Afterglow Lip Balm comes in the same shade. And then, there is always the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, which is wildly obsessed over, for good reason. Here you have three shades to choose from depending on your preference of pink, pearl, or nude. You cannot go wrong with any if you ask me. They all provide the same pillowy softness and comfort with light reflecting sheen.

Stain Stardom

via    theBalm

When you first think of a lip stain, your mind probably goes straight to Benefit Benetint, a watery fluid that dries out the lips. But in recent years, the makeup world has shifted the narrative when it comes to lip stains. They are no longer hard to use or hard to wear. Now lip stains can be moisturizing and even creamy. They can be built up and bold or subtle and light. For one that stays vibrant and soft while also looking like that coveted just-ate-an-ice-pop color, Clarins Water Lip Stain is a must have. The red water shade is a go-to for Spring, but they also have an orange, rose, and violet. You can even mix them to create your own custom Spring shade. If you want a glossy effect or can’t break-free from lipsticks and want to stay put as long as possible, TheBalmJour Creamy Lip Stain is one of my personal favorites. Not only are these highly pigmented and insanely comfortable, but they can be patted into the lips to give a softer and more lived in color. Along with neutral shades, Ciao is the ideal hot pink for an added pop of color.

Matte No More

It seems as though the matte moment has passed us by. Liquid lipsticks are rolling to the back of our drawers and the bottom of our makeup bags to make room for shine, shimmer, and glitter. Whether it is a lip gloss, a lipstick, or a lip topper, we want the light to reflect off the lip not be absorbed into dryness. Lime Crime, the vegan and cruelty-free brand that has the most creative colors, recently added even more fun shades to their Wet Cherry collection. They have plenty of neutrals for every day and shimmers to amp up a look. But they really stand out with their neon and fluorescent shades. Flaming Cherry and Cherry Pie are brilliantly toned for nearly all skin tones and make wearing brighter colors in Spring exciting and easy.

These trends will make your lips look far from matte, dry, and flat; quite the opposite actually. Will you test the waters with just one or dive into them all?

Cover photo via In My Bag