Look Your Best After A Long Night

Whether you were up all night completing a presentation, or stayed out celebrating a promotion until the wee hours, waking up with dark circles, puffy eyes, and dull dehydrated skin is no fun. Running late to brunch with the girls? Or maybe you have to look presentable for work? Either way, we have the beauty remedies that will make even the latest night of Instagram scrolling look as if you got a full eight hours of beauty rest.

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Start off with a rejuvenating pair of under eye patches. These bad boys have become all the rage, because they really work wonders. Actors and actresses use them before shooting in even the harshest of circumstances, which means, they are perfect to repair your under eye area no matter the damage. We absolutely adore the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. They come with a set of 30 pairs, and immediately brighten and depuff tired eyes. Apply them, and wait for about 15 minutes, maybe while you brush your teeth and down a bottle of water?

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Get your blood flowing with the Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller. This innovative beauty tool was created by Hollywood’s go-to skin expert, and has been used by Sarah Hyland, Jessica Alba, Emily Ratajkowski, and more A-list celebrities. A massage with this tool mimics the effects of Nurse Jamie’s renowned facials, and renews, revives, and energizes the skin for a well-rested and youthful appearance.

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Then pat in a serum that boosts radiance, glow, and hydration. This will do loads to perk up dull and dehydrated skin, which we all get after a late night out or in. The Ole Henriksen Truth Serum does just that. With both vitamin-C and collagen at the forefront of the ingredients list, this serum offers intense brightness, and loads of hydration to your skin that lasts all day long. With the glow this serum reveals, no one will know you were up watching cat videos on YouTube until 4am. Well, maybe just your browser history.

Gulp down that water. We know coffee seems like a go-to when you slept for all of thirty minutes, but what you really need is intense hydration from the inside out. Save the coffee for later, and down some H2O now. You can squeeze in some fresh lemon juice, or add some mint for an extra perk up, but rehydrating your dehydrated body will do more than make you feel a billion times better. It will plump up your skin, and reduce the dullness that always seems to break through after a rough night.

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If you still feel like something is off, it may be redness in your eyes. And if you forgot to pick up eye drops last time you were at the store, we have a quick fix to hide those bloodshot eyes. Grab your favorite nude eyeliner, and pop it right in your lower inner rim. This will conceal any redness that is making your eyes look less than bright. It will also give you a wide-eyed and an awake look, again fooling everyone around you into believing you had a full night of rest.

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If these are not enough to cover it for you, maybe a lightweight coverage product is what you want to reach for. Any sort of heavy or matte coverage is only going to further dull your skin. Rather choose products that feature a bit of glow like the IT Cosmetics Your skin But Better CC+ Illumination or the Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination. Whether you need to conceal spots, redness, or really beat those dark under eyes, these products will give you a beautiful and healthy glow in the process.

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Finally, finish off your bright and glowy look with your favorite bright lip. We love red, because it is always a go-to for any vibe. A standout lip color will not only make your face pop, but it will bring everything together with a dash of boosted confidence and beauty. Compliments will be rolling in like the glasses of champagne were last night.

Now we are not recommending you stay up until the crack of dawn every night simply because there are ways to counteract the negative effects. Rather you can go out on the town, or have a night of binge watching without stressing yourself out too badly about how your skin will suffer in the morning. Reverse the signs that you had a late night, and look your best the next day with these easy beauty remedies.



Photo Credit: cover via Blavity, first photo via Peter Thomas Roth, second via New Beauty, third photo via Glossier, fourth photo via BeautyHeaven, fifth photo via The Brunette Diaries, sixth photo via IT Cosmetics, and seventh photo Pinterest via Nicole Jackson.

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