Makeup Fixes To Help Your Looks Survive Winter

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It is a new year, which means we get to redefine ourselves, set goals, and hopefully stick to them. And as exciting as that is, a new year usually comes with a breath of fresh and frigid cold air right to the face. Everything from snow to freezing rain, frigid winds, head colds, and the dry heat indoors all reek havoc on our faces, especially when wearing makeup. Sure, makeup melts off in the summer heat, but in the winter months, we have so much more to deal with. We have already discussed skincare changes you can make to accommodate yourself for the cooler weather in our Skincare Products For Fall post, but what about makeup changes?

It would make sense that what you are layering over your skincare should change as the weather changes too. This is the layer on top of your skin that is coming in direct contact with the frigid air and dry heat. You are going from not being able to feel your nose outside to sweating in the arid and recycled air indoors countless times throughout the day and that can take your makeup look from fresh to fail really quickly. So what can be done about these common makeup blunders in winter? Actually, quite a bit.

Dry flakes = Crusty makeup

Whether it is the lips, the skin around our mouth or the eyelids, we struggle with drier skin when the temperature drops. It is the time when eczema sprouts up, redness is making an appearance, and even cracked, chapped, and painful skin plagues your existence. You may be able to load on the heavy duty creams at home, but when you want to put on foundation or concealer, it just does not sit on top of those flaky dry patches. Instead of struggling to blend over this rough skin, prep with some 1% hydrocortisone cream. Just a small dab tapped onto your most stubborn dryness will do it. This will moisturize and actually help to heal that dryness. Let that settle in for a moment, then top it with something thicker like Aquaphor or Cerave healing ointment. This is actually a tip my dermatologist gave me and it has been working wonders! It will create a protective layer between your dry skin and the makeup, letting the hydrocortisone cream do its work while you look glam. Just dab your normal makeup lightly over the area and you are good to go. The secret to this trick is to have a light hand, the less product the better.

Watery eyes = Running mascara

Just walking from the parking lot into work can be enough for the bitter cold wind to get your eyes watering. You probably only applied your makeup 15 minutes prior and it is already dripping down your face due to the tears you can’t control. Now, I can’t prevent your eyes from watering. Sorry, I don’t have those types of tricks, but I can help prevent your makeup from breaking apart. Simply top off your eye look with some waterproof mascara. I know that waterproof mascara is a lot for some people. It can be a nightmare to remove, but it will guarantee your makeup lasts through each of your run-ins with the wind. You can stick to this tip just on the windiest of days or put a thin layer of waterproof mascara over your normal one to lock it in. Also, forego your normal mascara on the lower lashes and opt for waterproof there. I recommend the Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara for stellar length, impactful volume, and lasting power through all conditions. Just use an oil-based eye makeup remover to take it off at the end of the day.  

Dry air = Cakey foundation

You apply your foundation beautifully in the AM and by the time lunch rolls around, you already look like a dry cakey mess. What happened? The dry air from your office’s heater or even from your car is making your dewy look appear super dull. Of course, hydrating the skin with killer skincare and using a humidifier will help, but another tip is to dual prime. What does that mean? Instead of sticking with your go-to primer, mix in a second one. Use you regular to fill in pores or mattify your t-zone, but reach for a more hydrating option for the areas that get the driest. This will help your makeup look fresher for longer. For those pesky pores, the Origins Original Skin Pore-Perfecting Cooling Primer will do the trick, and to boost hydration for your dry areas try Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer to revive your skin to its natural dewy finish. Also, top the primer with light layers of foundation. Do not just go in with a big old glob all at once. Take it easy. Light layers look more natural on the skin and will not break apart as easily.

Setting powder = Flat finish

Mattifying our oils is key for a perfected finish, but a setting powder is not always the best option, especially in winter. Do you finish your makeup with setting powder, and then look in the mirror and just see dullness and dryness at the forefront? Plus, too much powder over a matte foundation can leave your skin looking lifeless. In winter, instead of a powder to set your face, reach for a setting spray. This will lock in your look just as well and keep your skin looking fresher and more vibrant. Try to avoid setting sprays with alcohol, as they will actually dry out your skin in the long run. Mac Prep + Prime Fix+  and the Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray are free from alcohol, and are two of the most loved sprays in the beauty community.

Matte lipstick = Parched lips

Matte and liquid lipsticks are still leading the marketplace. But when your lips are already dry, cracked and chapped, topping them with a drying lipstick formula will not do you any favor. Not only will they make your lips look like they are in an even worse condition than they actually are, but you will feel the excess dryness too. You can always prep your lips with a balm beforehand, but eventually, that dry texture will show through. Instead of reaching for a matte lipstick try one of these newer formulas that have really made a name for themselves in recent months. The Balm’s TheBalmjour Creamy Lip Stain and L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro Matte Gloss. Both of these start off with just a touch of shine, and dry down to a pigmented matte finish that really lasts without drying out your lips. There are quite a few shades to choose from, and they will give you that trendy matte look you want without the crepey look you do not.

Do you have any other winter makeup blunders you need help with? If so, leave a comment below and I will be happy to assist! If not, dress up, go out and rock your makeup this winter.

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