Manicure Madness: Spring 2019 Colors & Trends

Manicure Madness Spring 2019 color and trends by Openletr.jpg

Changing your nail color can change your entire look. Adding a red nail to a basic tee and jeans gives you unmistakable class. Going from nude nails to a bright white gives a neutral yet crisp and clean vibe. And if you decide on nail art, you can show every detail of your personal style.

But, as the cold weather gets whisked away and we get to put our fingers and toes on display once again, what nail colors and styles are on trend for spring 2019? Along with all the latest spring collections and launches, some older colors are making a come back. And of course, there are always fun patterns to try your hand at. Which of these speaks to you?


Yellow screams sunshine and daisy. Maybe you wore mustard colors in fall, but this spring yellow is making a statement. You can go more baby chick yellow or stand out with a bold shade like the coveted Chanel Le Vernis 592 Giallo Napoli. Somehow this shade has a calmness while remaining bright and bold. It is soft and wearable but doesn’t just blend in to add a pop of spring to your look.


A pastel purple pink never goes out of style. OPI’s Another Ramen-tic Evening is a shiny dusty rose from their latest Tokyo collection. Being part of their infinite shine line means it has a strong reflection, but still has a bold and long-lasting color. If you want even more purple in your lilac, Deborah Lippmann recently launched a 6-piece collection called Shades of Cool featuring her award-winning formula. Here you have cool and milky colors that are vibrant yet neutral and all carry a tone of muted purple which is ideal for springtime.

Baby blue

Every year at this time, baby blues make their way back into the front of our nail color collections. It seems like Essie Bikini So Teeny was the go-to for the last 5+ years. With its whimsical tone and subtly flashy hue that compliments every skin tone, it makes sense that it has been the leader of soft blues for years. But, from Deborah Lippmann’ latest launches, Above The Clouds is a new must-have for spring 2019. The blue is toned down from the prior trend, but still noticeable and pops enough for this colorful season. This is the nail polish that you want in your rotation as soon as you switch from boots to sandals.

Sage Green

At first glance, green may sound more like a fall shade. But with all the major brands mastering this soft tone, it is clearly making a statement this season. Chanel Le Vernis 608 Légèreté is a creamy mix of coolness and pure green that is neutral enough for any look but is definitely not dull. If you’re on a budget, a $12 dupe of this Chanel favorite is Tenoverten in Liberty. Not only are the shades identical, but this one is also vegan, cruelty-free, and available at your local Target. If you want a green that is less soft and more khaki, Lauren B. Beauty in Mandeville Maven is 7-free and vegan.


Shades that mimic tropical fruits not only put us in the mood for warm weather and fruity drinks, but they are just purely uplifting and bright. Based on your preferences and skin tone you can go for a peach, tangerine, or mango. Some shades will have pinker hues like grapefruits and others will be more orange and peach-toned. Not to mention, the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral, which Butter London created in their Patent Shine X formula. This is a creamy orange with golden hues and this 8-free formula wears for up to 10 days.


Duh. Black is the go-to for winter. You don’t even think about it. And white is what we want in summer. It is clean and makes a tan stand out. It is simple to maintain and when you are always wearing sandals you want to have a low maintenance shade like white. You can choose a solid and opaque white like Nars Ecume or go for something sheer and simple like Essie Sheers in Marshmallow.


Red is just THE shade. It stands out, and is a classic. It is bright, but somehow also neutral. It goes with pretty much everything and looks good no matter your coloring. In winter we go for deeper reds and berries. We want that holiday red, but in spring red is different. It is warmer with a hint of orange. Nails Inc. in Portland Square is exactly that. It is a vibrant orangey red in a formula that features charcoal to protect your nails as well as making them look amazing.

Subtle Glitter

Glitter is never easy when it comes to nail polish. It is rough, hard to remove, and hard to achieve perfectly on your own. But, Essie Summit of Style is an easy glitter. The chunks are not too big or too small, and the color is a neutral bronze, so it can top any color you want underneath. If you want a glitter that is a bit more colorful, JINsoon in Fab has multi-colored speckles to top off a neutral with brightness or add a confetti look to any color.


For those that aren’t the most skilled nail artists, this is the way to go for something beyond the norm, but not too dramatic or complicated. Instead of trying to master a design on every finger, just pick one and you are good to go. You can do something simple like a few dots, or try a plaid or marbled look to keep up with current trends. Marble only requires two shades and you can learn how to create this chic style here. Achieving a plaid look however takes quite a bit more practice and skill, not to mention, a steady hand, but is well worth the trouble.

Match Your Makeup

Remember when you would wear a green eye shadow because you were wearing a green top? And when you had to have your handbag and shoes matching? Well, a more modern and subtle way to pull a color from your allover look is by matching your nail color to your makeup. You can pull from your eye makeup or your lips. This may not be a shocking style, but it pulls your entire look together.

With all that being said, you do you. We all love keeping up on the newest trends for the season and keeping tabs on the latest and greatest, but you wear whatever color or colors you love. Want to go for grey, black, or burgundy in the middle of April? Go for it!