Master Your Makeup Struggles With These YouTube Videos

As much as we all love experimenting with makeup trends, there are some steps we just never seem to be able to master. Now of course these are different for everyone, but in my experience there are quite a few makeup techniques that the majority of women find flustering. And rather than taking ages to explain them to you myself, I thought I’d give a shout out to some of the most skilled beauty gurus on YouTube. These women have posted makeup tutorials with insider tips and tricks to help you accomplish even the most complicated of beauty steps. From applying false lashes to finding your perfect foundation shade and even nailing winged eyeliner, these ladies’ beginner-friendly beauty tutorials will usher you through new makeup steps, so that you can feel confident in every new look you try.

Find the Right Foundation Shade

Something that seems to be a struggle for anyone and everyone seeking out a foundation is finding the right shade match. But thankfully Samantha Maria’s How To Find Your Foundation Shade video gives you all the tips and tricks to come away with your ideal shade every time. Whether you shop drugstore or high-end, or find it intimidating to ask for help at the beauty counter, Samantha’s video guides you through every step of the process. She even shares her past experiences and mistakes, so that you can learn everything you need to know without having to wear the wrong foundation shade first.

Learn to Contour

This is something that is daunting to so many women. What shades do you go for? Where are you supposed to apply the products, and what tools should you use? Well Tina Yong covers everything about contouring from A-Z in her How To Contour For Beginners tutorial. With over 9 million views on this video, it is clear that Tina knows what she is talking about. Her technique is super easy to follow, and she acknowledges that everyone has a unique face shape, so there will be differences for each individual person. She discusses the basics that suit just about everyone, and will help you achieve the results you want without going overboard. What makes her video so unique is that she truly takes the time to explain every step she is taking, so you learn more than what to do, but also why you are doing it.

Smokey Eye

Then for the ever popular smokey eye, many women find this a difficult look to achieve. It can be quite easy to go overboard when using deeper shades, and it can even look a bit muddy without the right blending techniques. But to help you look more hot than hot mess follow professional makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge’s Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial. What you will learn from this video is how to create a wearable and flattering eye look for every eye shape and occasion. She keeps it simple with only a few products that you most likely already have in your collection, and takes it nice and slow, so you can keep up. And for a bit more viewing inspiration, Lisa donates all ad revenue from her videos to charity.

Winged Liner

Winged liner is something people work at perfecting for years. It just never looks exactly how you want it to. And if that seems to be the case for you, perhaps it is because you have not seen this tutorial from the queen of winged eyeliner herself. Heart of the ThatsHeart YouTube channel posted 9 Easy Eyeliner Hacks For Perfect Winged Eyeliner to share her secrets with the rest of the beauty community. Heart is almost always seen wearing a cat eye so sharp it could cut glass, so who better to learn from? With her super fun and energetic personality, she shows you how to choose the right products, how to prep, and even how to fix any mistakes you may make.

False Eyelashes

With all the mascaras that claim to give you a false lash look, you might think false lashes are headed on out. But in fact, they are more popular than ever, and can also be quite intimidating. I mean gluing something to your lash line certainly does not sound like a party, but you can worry no more because Emily Noel has you covered in her False Eyelashes 101: Select, Apply, Remove, Clean video. As you can probably tell by the title of the video, she discusses pretty much every detail that goes into the false lash process from shopping for them to applying them, and caring for them.  So whether you need some extra tips or are clueless on where to start, this video is a no-brainer.

Perfect Brows

Finally brows have become a must-have for most women. There are endless ways to fill in your brows like pomades, powders, or pencils. In fact, we even have a post all about brows: How To Perfect Your Brows From Growing to Grooming. And even though how you style your brows is entirely a personal preference, Queenii Rozenblad’s Natural Eyebrow Tutorial is a wonderful guideline to filling in your brows with a pencil, which is the most popular method. She even takes it a step further to show you how to highlight your brows with concealer, and keep them looking clean and sharp, if that happens to be your style.

All of these talented and beautiful women offer their beauty tips and tricks to help you master some of the more difficult aspects of makeup. And once you watch and learn from these YouTube beauty gurus you should be good to go with any look you attempt. And if you have just about given up on any of these makeup steps, because they are just too hard, I dare you to watch the corresponding video and try it one more time. You may finally see the outcome you always wanted.


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