Meet Lizbeth Hernandez: Photographer, Style Icon & Minimalist Beauty Lover


Like you, I am accustomed to roaming the internet looking for the latest style trends. But above the basics, discovering unique personalities along with killer looks is the goal. And that is exactly what I accomplished when I came across Lizbeth Hernandez, a skilled photographer who self-designed her business, has a visual studies degree, and even got a Master’s at USC in Communication Management. With her raw talent and impressive list of accomplishments, like interning at Vogue during college and working with celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly, Lizbeth runs a successful style blog and YouTube channel that inspires bold looks, confidence, and a fabulous work ethic. Not only do I personally adore Lizbeth’s style, but her outlook and excitement for beauty and life are utterly contagious. If you want to get a taste for what she is all about, find out more in our interview.

Samantha: Please introduce yourself to the readers. Tell us about your background, and how you got to where you are today.

Lizbeth: My name is Lizbeth Hernandez and I’m a so-cal native! Born in DTLA and raised in Whittier. I also say I grew up ALL over LA, because we live in our cars driving everywhere, so if you’re living in the Los Angeles area you understand... In regard to my background, I’m Mexican raised in the beautiful USA.

I share my personal style and love for easy beauty through IMLVH. It's been an interesting evolution, but I thought my love for fashion meant I was destined to become a fashion designer. I had super nurturing and supportive parents, who put me in various art classes and fashion design courses, where I learned I hated to sew, but loved drawing and gathering inspiration. One of the art instructors told me once that I should look into being an editor, so I pursued that. In college, I self-designed my degree in visual and business studies, which allowed me to understand art and business. I interned at Vogue, College Fashionista, Foam Magazine, and Luv AJ during that time. After college, I went to Grad School at USC and studied communication management, which was one of the reasons I developed my YouTube channel.


Samantha: Why did you originally decide to start a YouTube channel, is that still the reason you do it today?

Lizbeth: I started my YouTube channel thanks to my mom and best friend! They love Youtube and have been watching it religiously for years and told me I should create my own channel given my existing blog and love for fashion. I created one, but really didn’t understand how much more was going to be involved in videos until I was in Grad School. My final thesis was about Youtube, so a part of my research was to develop the actual channel, which was more fashion-focused when I started, but with the research, I learned that viewers enjoy personal life and insights. So, I started to vlog and share more beauty product-related content. The channel is now about my personal style and easy beauty routine. The reason for starting the channel is still the same—it’s an extension of the blog, and has evolved, in my opinion, in a better direction. It’s hard to figure out how to share your personality and the things you love in a video, but I am doing more of that today.

Samantha: How would you describe your relationship with beauty?

Lizbeth: I’m ALL about easy beauty. I don’t like products that are fussy and hard to use. I love natural and minimal makeup looks, but love the glam aspect too. For me, that’s a bold lip or a glittery shadow and some mascara if I’m feeling bold. When I have too much makeup on, I don’t really feel myself, so I think the less makeup the better. I also have sensitive acne prone skin, so I’ve gone through the highs and lows of acne. I’ve learned diet has a big impact on my beauty routine, so that’s totally changed my relationship with beauty. The better I eat, the better my skin is, and the more confident I am to experiment with beauty products.


Samantha: What are your top three beauty and fashion tips?


  1. Find a good denim tailor. My girl is Fox, in Silverlake at the Foxhole.

  2. Revlon Volumizing Mascara, Tarte Creaseless concealer, and Glossier Cloud paint are my must-haves.

  3. Unrefined sesame oil is an amazing deep conditioning treatment.

Samantha: Your style is #GOALS! Who or what has inspired it?

Lizbeth: My mom definitely inspires me. She loves to experiment with accessories and clothes. She can forecast trends before they’re even trending. She introduced me to vintage denim and second-hand designer bags, so that totally makes up my wardrobe. She also taught me money doesn’t buy style, and that philosophy inspires everything I put together. I like to share affordable pieces to prove you don’t need to spend that much to have good style. I also love European fashion bloggers. They have a vibe and freedom with experimenting that I admire.

Samantha: In your industry, it can be easy to fall into trends and what is popular. How do you maintain your individuality?

Lizbeth: I love experimenting with trends, but staying true to myself is so instinctual. Anytime something doesn’t feel right, I can’t walk out of the house or take a photo in it. Everything I share is 100% me and what feels right, and I think that’s my individuality. I always trust my gut and the good feeling I get from an outfit.

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Samantha: How do you think your skills and position as a photographer have altered your opinions on beauty and fashion?

Lizbeth: I don’t think it’s affected my opinion per se. But, my experience as a photographer has helped me develop my content. My friends help me shoot, so I am able to guide whoever is helping take the photos.

Samantha: Being able to share so much of yourself online is a vulnerable thing to do. Where do you get the strength to be so open?

Lizbeth: I’ve always been an open book, so I have never really needed extra strength to connect and share with others. I’ve always loved connecting with people, and being personal. I hate surface conversations and don’t know how to be private, so I think that’s why it’s easy for me to be open... Sharing and talking has always been my “how I am.” I’ve also learned that it is the way I deal and cope with things. I like to talk things out with others to understand what’s in my head. Anything I’m going through, I always vent to my parents or best friends. I don’t like bottling things up and not sharing whatever I’m feeling, especially as my dad’s been dealing with cancer. Some days I can’t vent to my family, because we’re all dealing with the cancer battle. And sometimes my friends are busy, so I started talking about cancer to my followers and it’s been super cool and exciting to connect with other babes that are struggling too. A lot of people haven’t experienced cancer, especially my closest friends, so it’s different to have others that have gone through it sharing their love and words of encouragement. And I love hearing how I’ve helped inspire other girls to deal in a positive way with their parents’ cancer battles.


Samantha: Struggling with self-image issues is unfortunately super common, especially with social media. How have self-image issues affected your life and work, and what advice could you share?

Lizbeth: I struggled with acne in my 20s. That was the most nerve-racking and emotionally draining situation. I hated the bumps on my face, so I’d cover them with makeup and my hair, which is hard for a girl that really isn’t into a full face of makeup. But I’m kind of thankful, because I learned about acne through that journey, how I get it and why, so I’ve learned to share my learnings with others, which I particularly enjoy doing in the hopes to provide tangible help, as so many of us struggle with those issues.

Here are some insights:

  1. Understand that EVERYONE has critiques about how they look.

  2. Also, take matters into your own hands. I’ve learned that working out is my happy place. When I get a good sweat going, I’m upbeat and happy, but the post-workout benefits are a healthy and fit body.

  3. What I eat is a big thing too. I have food sensitivities, so I’ve learned that certain foods give me cystic acne. When I stay away from foods like gluten, eggs and soy, and eat healthy meals high in proteins and filled with veggies I don’t have acne.

My biggest tip is to remember EVERYONE is super-critical and has 1 or 2 (or more) body image issues, so you’re not alone. And also, take care of yourself. Eat your veggies, drink tons of water, and workout out. All of that clears your mind and gives you a positive and motivating mindset.

Samantha: In what ways do you think the beauty and fashion industries and communities need to improve in 2019?

Lizbeth: I want to see more Latinas. I’m Mexican-American and never really identified with models I see. I hope more Mexican-American girls have enough inspiration to blog or develop themselves to represent us. There is a handful out there, but I want to see more babes doing their thing and inspire others to do more.

Lizbeth Victoria Hernandez | California, USA

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