Meghan Markle Files for Divorce

In a stunning blow to the Royal Family, American Princess Meghan Markle has filed for divorce from Prince Harry.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Ms. Markle’s attorney served the papers as Prince Harry was packing for his honeymoon.  

There were no signs of trouble at the wedding that cost upwards of 60 million pounds and attended by the likes of Amal and George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, and hundreds of dignitaries from around the world.  

After the event that captivated the world, it appears Ms. Markle opted for a normal life. One where her wardrobe didn’t need to be approved by 75 people and the paparazzi didn't follow her to the bathroom. Where if a piece of spinach got stuck in her front teeth, it wouldn’t be the lead story on the BBC that night.

A stunned Harry was at a loss for words after a wedding witnessed by millions around the world. Harry was seeking solace in the gardens of Windsor Castle walking his grandmother’s beloved Corgis. The distraught Prince was last seen depositing a doggie bag in the royal garbage can. 

The latest rumor is that the Royal family has decided to end this antiquated constitutional monarchy and just lead normal lives, but that rumor is unconfirmed.


Cover photo via Travel+Leisure