Members of Limp Bizkit now wishing they did some of it for their 401k.

Members of the rap/rock band Limp Bizkit, known for smash hit “Nookie,” in which the band sang about doing it all for the nookie, are now regretting that decision, and wishing they had done some of it for their retirement savings.

With most of the group now in their mid 40’s, they’re thinking more about their future, “I saw this commercial on TV where they asked you to check your retirement number, so I did, and it was not good, man, not good” says bassist Sam Rivers. “I’m just thinking in hindsight, if we hadn’t done all of it for the nookie, and put, say 10% towards an IRA, or even just a long-term growth strategy, we wouldn’t be in this situation."

Lead singer Fred Durst said, “Yeah, I’m gonna be 50 before I know it. That nookie sure was sweet, but it’s not paying the bills or anything like an annuity which would have provided guaranteed income for life. That's sweet.”

The band is currently not touring, are meeting with Prudential financial specialists to work on several tax-advantaged savings that ensure they won’t outlive their retirement savings, and still continue to enjoy the occasional nookie throughout their golden years.

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