Missguided #InYourOwnSkin Campaign

Missguided is a women’s clothing company that sells affordable yet high quality fashions for women of all sizes and styles. With both casual items as well as going out pieces and work appropriate wear, Missguided has become a go-to for many women. And recently the love for the brand has exploded thanks to their #InYourOwnSkin campaign.

Like the many brands we mentioned in our Reality of Beauty article, Missguided is joining forces with women that are happy to show off their imperfections rather than blurring or concealing them. This type of campaign not only benefits the brand itself by being more diverse and accepting of real women, but it is also a big step for women in general.

Spotlight - Missguided InYourOwnSkin Campaign - OPENLETR 1.jpg

Photo via Missguided

The #InYourOwnSkin campaign is an extension of the brand’s #KeepOnBeingYou movement. For this, Missguided collaborated with six women who are empowering the world by showing off their uniqueness. Each of these women has a skin condition, yet they do not let that stop them for modeling, having confidence, or being beautiful. They are breaking down the beauty standard walls and exuding confidence whilst altering our perception of what “beauty” is.

For women to be able to shop online and see who actually looks like them, doesn't look photoshopped or unattainably beautiful is exactly what our society needs. Campaigns such as this are a sign of progress for the feminist movement. Showing women with scars, freckles, psoriasis, birthmarks, and albinism is telling women that you do not have to fit a mold to be considered beautiful. You do not need clear skin, invisible pores, or to conceal anything that makes you stand out. You can show off your so-called flaws and feel more beautiful than ever.

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Photo via Missguided

The inclusivity that Missguided is offering and promoting with this campaign has been well received by social media users. Hopefully the positive feedback will not only help to launch more campaigns such as this, but influence other brands to follow in their footsteps. It can seem questionable for a brand to solely do something like this to boost sales, but this is what the fashion and beauty industries need right now. And even if the brand’s intention is to gain popularity, being inclusive in such a way doesn’t really have a downside. It offers exposure for the models, appreciation from the customers, and sales for the brand. This goes to show that the brands that are still campaigning with the same models as they have for years are not only lacking in diversity, but are remaining exclusive to a specific customer base and are doing a disservice to a wider demographic of customers as well as themselves.

All I wish was rather than these models being in rare campaigns, they were featured regularly. Inclusivity should not be exclusive to a campaign or movement, they should be in brands DNA. When you scroll through websites, real women should be in each and every picture. The marketing photos, magazines, and Instagram pages should be filled with a diverse spectrum of women. When we get to the point that we are no longer surprised or impressed when a brand steps out of archaic boundaries of beauty, and rather expect it, that is when we have done our job.

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Photo via Missguided

As for this specific campaign, normalizing skin conditions that more of the population than we even realize deal with is a step forward for representation and acceptance in the industry. Above the photoshoot, Missguided has posted interviews with these gorgeous models on their blog so that these women have more than a face, but also a voice to share their experiences and to inspire you to love yourself #InYourOwnSkin.