New Haircuts To Try This Fall

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A new season means it is time for a new do, a hairdo that is. And whether you go for a pixie cut, a lob, or just add in a few layers, changing up your look for the cooler season ahead is like buying a new wardrobe to head back to school. It is exciting, boosts your confidence, and shakes things up.

A new hairstyle can push you to change up your go-to makeup look. It can draw attention to your bone structure or your eyes. It can also make your hair routine less of a struggle on a daily basis. There is so much a new style can do for you. So here are some fun and simple haircuts to try out. And also some more bold looks if you are daring to make the chop.

Structured Bob

Photo via    Hannah Kleit

Photo via Hannah Kleit

First up is my favorite. I wish I had the bone structure to pull this one off. In a sense, it is a bob, but it is way shorter than I have ever gone with my hair. You may think shorter styles are better for summer, so your hair won’t stick to your sweaty neck, and perhaps that is true, but there is something about a short hairstyle that is so chic for fall. It draws attention to the jawline and makes thin hair look more voluminous. Plus, for those like me, whose hair gets weighed down by everything this sort of do is ideal. On the practical side, there will be no more scarf induced knots in your hair.

Loose Curls

Photo via    Damaris

Photo via Damaris

If you think short hair is only for straight hair, you would be wrong my friend. This style is stunning for all hair types and textures. Keeping all the hair off your neck, and letting your natural coils and curls frame your face cannot only be the change you have been looking for, but it slims out the face and lifts your features. A short haircut like this is so flattering and feminine. Letting a few loose curls peek out from behind your knitted hat this winter will be adorable.

Curtain Bangs

Photo via    Lodges Hair

Photo via Lodges Hair

Curtain bangs are making a wave in the hair world and are not your average bangs. Bangs don’t have to hide your entire forehead. They don’t have to cause breakouts along your hairline, and they do not have to be a regrettable decision. If you have been considering bangs, but are constantly halted by the fear that you’ll regret them before they grow out, this is the style for you. Curtain bangs are longer than your average bangs and they blend into the rest of your hair so much more subtly. They are often cut into a hair with a center part, so they can be blended in with an angle. They can even pass chin length. With this style, you get the face-framing benefits and style that a fringe creates, but without the regret.

Lob AKA Long Bob

Photo via    BlackkBombshells

A lob, the safe version of the bob, without the bluntness of the classic bob. A lob is a long bob. And what is so great about this is you can adjust it to suit your style. If you prefer something a bit more undone, you can throw some angles and layers to give your hair more movement and texture. But if you like more of a chic and perfected look, you can have it cut with a straight edge. This is ideal if you leave your hair straight most of the time, but also works if you love the curling iron. It is a great way to test out a shorter hairstyle without committing to never putting your hair up in a bun. This is what I went for in spring, and adore it. It is making me want to go shorter and shorter.

I Woke Up Like This

Photo via    Brittany Sullivan

This is what I like to call the lazy girl’s cut. It is the simplest to maintain, grows out evenly, and requires minimum if any styling. It is longer than shoulder length, it hits about the same point as your armpit, but still wouldn’t be described as long. It can easily be thrown up or braided, as the layers are quite minimal, but it is not a drastic hair transformation if you are looking for something a bit more subtle.

Natural or Nappy

Photo via    Seriously Natural

Lastly just go all natural. There is nothing more beautiful than letting your natural locks go with the flow. Now, this is not the lowest maintenance hairstyle, as it often requires a lot of conditioner and product, especially in the cooler months. But the great thing is you can deep condition overnight, so it doesn’t have to be so awfully time-consuming. And women rocking their natural hair texture is becoming a movement and strengthening representation and diversity. Women wearing their hair natural is not exotic or trendy, it is stunning and powerful.

So which of these photos are you going to save to show your hairstylist? I am so considering #1 or maybe even some curtain bangs.

Cover Photo via We Heart It

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