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Reading a magazine or walking down the cosmetics aisle will clue you in on the latest trends in beauty. Some looks like vintage red lips, cat eyes and thick brows are back from the past while others are fresh off the pop culture red carpet.

Some of today’s most iconic looks have been launched by celebrities. For instance Adele’s winged liner, Taylor Swift’s red lip, and Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel” hairstyle from the early days of Friends. Even Elsa’s loose french braid from Frozen kicked off a go-to trend. Music videos, movies, and TV inspire so much of what we look for in our own style.

But what are the latest trends to come out of pop culture? And how do professional makeup artists make them all look so glamorous?

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K-Pop music is a genre that has taken the industry by storm, and the younger demographics are getting tons of beauty inspiration from these music videos. Everything from nail art to unnaturally colored hair and having matching makeup on the eyes, lips, and cheeks are some of the most popular looks. This might not be a millennia’s cup of tea, but Gen Z is all about these colorful trends.

And what about the other passing trends that have made their way onto the shelves of the most popular beauty brands? Movies have awoken a space in the makeup industry that may not have been there in the past. When an anticipated movie releases, brands are lining up to partner on a limited edition collection. Make Up For Ever launched a 50 Shades of Grey collection, COVERGIRL has Star Wars theme items, and MAC had a Maleficent line. All these brands may be launching products, but are they launching trends? Is the packaging what is so intriguing or is it the actual product?

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Well, The Oz the Great and Powerful collection that was launched with Urban Decay a few years back certainly supports this idea. The makeup actually helped you recreate the looks from the movie. One was more pastel while the other was deeper and more sultry. The inspired looks were gorgeous, and the palettes were well designed and offered a decent amount of versatility. And the fact that they sold out so quickly proves a love for pop culture inspired trends.

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The most recent movie we can add to the trend list is Black Panther. It created a buzz in every industry. From beauty and feminism to inclusivity, Black Panther has opened doors and opened eyes. In regard to the beauty world, a discussion was set off immediately, with beauty gurus recreating looks from the movie, brands finally expanding their shade ranges to include women of color, and the rise of women embracing their natural hair. All of these got so much more attention after the movie was released and these authentic styles began receiving more appreciation than ever before.

But what are some of the ways that makeup artists behind the scenes transform these stars into inspiring beauties? Is it the products or the techniques? It seems to be a bit of both.

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Personalized beauty is a big game changer here. We all know that makeup, hair, and skincare are not a one size fits all. And for ages, the Hollywood elites would go to facialists for recommendations and treatments based on their unique skin. They had makeup artists that knew the ins-and-outs of pigmentation and undertones. And this is something everyday women are finally gaining more access to. With Function of Beauty offering online quizzes to build your own hair care formula, other brands are making the concept more accessible. You can now have a face mask made for you, and find the perfect foundation for your skin type without going into a store.

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Dermablading is all the rage, but not a new trend, just a repeated one. Although many beauty professionals have recently reignited the interest in women shaving the peach fuzz off their face, this method of smoothing the skin before makeup application has been around for decades. This delicate process not only exfoliates, but by removing those thin hairs your makeup sits more smoothly and looks much more polished. Another tip used behind the scenes when a razor is nowhere to be found is brushing these face hairs downwards once all the makeup is completed for all of it to be in one direction and become less noticeable.

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The use of gadgets is all the rage. This could have come from all celebrities endorsing Nurse Jamie and her magnificent tools, and these gadgets can be seen on pretty much any TV or movie set you walk into. Everything from a jade roller to Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller has changed women's routines. These tools lift, rejuvenate, and plump your skin. Some even help reduce wrinkles and puffiness. These innovative gadgets altered our perception of skincare in the best way

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Lash Extensions mean no more need for false lashes. Everyone from your idol to your cousin and sister-in-law seems to have lash extensions, and rave about them. Soon they will be just as common as hair coloring. They look more natural on the everyday woman than false lashes, and makeup enthusiasts are now realizing that most celebrities have lash extensions, which makes us feel good about not having the perfect eyelashes. And if you haven’t already looked into it, there probably is a salon near you that focuses on these entirely.

Everything from pop culture trends to the secret techniques used by artists behind the scenes have made their way into our lives. These trends may last ages while others will die out fast, but they will go down in beauty history no matter what.


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