Power to the Purse: Finally, High Style Handbags that Charge your Phone

Perhaps the only thing worse than being out and about with a sub-par handbag is being stuck with a dead phone. Solving both of these crises are an ever-proliferating selection of combo device-accessories, a notable and life-changing solution is Everpurse. Taking the helm of the mobile-charging-purse, Everpurse has aimed to skimp neither on specs nor design.

Founder and CEO of Everpurse, Liz Salcedo, developed the product in reaction to personal needs, like so many indie designers' hype stories. Salcedo designed a charging system that hides all wires and connectors in the lining of the bag, and the wearer slides her phone into an inside pocket that is actually the charging dock, and the bag itself gets its power when you place it at home on an induction mat (included). The tech was patented in 2013 as a “personal wireless charging system” by Salcedo and her husband Daniel.

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What exactly is a wireless induction charger?

Inductive chargers are supported by a few kinds of household appliances, mobile devices, and are being used for medical equipment and even electric vehicles. Electric toothbrushes have been using the tech for quite some time, and can take the form of attractive and durable alternatives to the tiny ports and USB cords that we constantly break and replace. Newer iPhones, Samsungs, and other popular brands can be used with charging pads of various models, some of which are even integrated into furniture surfaces. So you can just put your phone down on your desk next to your laptop or on an Ikea nightstand, and it’ll be happily charging until the next time you pick it up.

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The company launched in 2012, organizing two Kickstarter campaigns, and subsequently ended up in a rocky territory when it couldn’t fulfill rewards and preorders. While that drama somehow stabilized, Salcedo landed a deal with a huge handbag company. Collaborating with Kate Spade since February 2014, the accessories brand brought the tech designer into a continuous partnership with the handbags available for purchase on both companies’ websites.

This addition to the wearable tech has come into its own with every model of bag and wallet now being a charging station. This has led to many different styles and price points, so pretty much anyone can afford one. The Kate Spade collab is $378 for a tote bag, $328 for a crossbody, and less for the wristlet that is sold out on both sites. While we could not locate the mAh capacity of this product, their own documentation says that it will charge most iPhones up to 2.5 times.

Another accessories company that has several styles is MightyPurse. The line is more affordable than Everpurse, with crossbody bags for $199, clutches at $139, and wristlets at $99 for full grain leather exteriors, and $79 for their vegan Spark line of wristlets. The purse is compatible with all micro-USB and USB-C smartphones, as well as iPhones by way of an included Lightning adaptor. It looks like all the available styles can charge a phone twice with its 4000 mAh battery.

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While there are handbags with built-in chargers for much less, if you are looking to bottom out in the bargain department, your best bet is a standalone power bank to just drop into your regular purse. If you are not just going out with an oversize wallet wristlet, you will have room for it, and you can have the biggest selection of chargers to choose from. But if your priorities are to head out the door with the tiniest purse you can find, you might possibly choose the Chic Buds Clutchette. For only $50 the Clutchette comes in ten colors of soft vegan leather, has a thin battery, and is only 7.6 by 4.3 inches. The 2600 mAh battery is good for about one full charge. According to online consensus, there is even room for a few other items after your phone is tucked in!

Whether you are travelling, going straight from work to evening plans, or have a full day of plans, keeping your phone juiced up is going to be a major stress-saver. Also available in backpack, briefcase (here’s one by Slaint for men), and wallet (like this Liz Claiborne model) forms, this type of accessory makes it easier for everyone to stay connected while independent from outlets - some even charge themselves up with solar panels! Integrating a key part of your everyday gear with a battery pack keeps you free to seize the moment, take pictures, and act as you normally would without worrying your social networking is going to interfere with your socializing. Not only will you enjoy that freedom, but so will the barista, bartender, or server that you save from plugging in your device in their workspace.