Preventative Aging: Are You Doing It?

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Preventative aging is one of those things you hear about in magazines, and just sort of roll your eyes at. If you don’t have wrinkles or visible signs of aging, why should you spend money on it? It sounds like a money-making opportunity that brands created to sell you something you don’t need. But is that really true?

Well, yes and no. Preventative anti-aging is not just something made up by skincare companies. It is much easier to prevent the signs of aging than to reverse things like wrinkles once they start to appear. That is a fact. But do you really need to buy products specifically meant for preventative aging? Not necessarily. There are brands like Pura Organics that have been curated for women in their twenties to help prevent the signs of aging, and they are useful for sure. I use their eye gel myself and adore it. But with that being said, you can work on preventative aging without doling out hundreds or even tens on serums and creams. Just tweaking your current routine can do the trick.

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First off, your under eyes are a major feature that are prone to show everything you don’t want. From wrinkles to dark circles, this is something we start concealing with makeup from a young age. So if you use concealer under your eyes, why not use an eye cream? You do not have to spend more than $20 here either. You can pick up an eye cream from a brand like Aveeno or Neutrogena. Seeing as you probably don’t have deep wrinkles, maybe just some minor crow’s feet, darkness, or bags from a lack of sleep, a simple eye cream is all you need to get started. In fact, before I started using an actual eye treatment, I use Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Cream under my eyes to help promote hydration. Now I use the Pura Organics Under Eye Tightening Gel, which is highly affordable and very long lasting, because it prevents wrinkles, as well as smoothing out and tightening the fine lines that are already beginning to appear.

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Moisturizing is something you should be doing whether you are concerned with aging or not. Whether you are oily or dry, adding moisture to the skin keeps it plump and prevents it from getting saggy. Even a lightweight gel moisturizer like those from Olay offer enough to keep your skin from showing signs of aging. Check the label for ingredients, if your moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, you are already preventating aging, and you didn’t even know it. Moisturizing day and night is a vital step for healthy skin. Don’t count on the oils your skin produces on its own to supply your skin with the drink it needs.

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Your hands are the first thing to show signs of aging. Not only do you wash your hands more so than any other part of your body (hopefully), which can dry them out, but we tend not to protect our hands as much as our other skin. They get hit with the most UV rays, because who puts SPF on their hands? They are exposed to the freezing winter temperatures when you forget your gloves, and they are just so overlooked. And you don’t have to buy a special hand cream to help prevent your hands from aging. Pop a simple and easily absorbed hand cream next to your sink, and rub some in each time you wash your hands. I also keep a hand cream in my purse and next to my bed, so I can slather up on the go, and before drifting off to dreamland. Who knew something so simple could help so much? Just watch out for too much fragrance or alcohol in hand creams, as they can be misleading and actually dry the skin out even more.

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The neck is such a neglected place that shows aging. And with the digital age being now, we are at a greater risk for early wrinkles there. Staring down at our phones for hours every day enhancing the lines that are naturally in your neck, which is called Tech Neck. It is so common in fact that it has a name. If your hands are the first place to show signs of aging, your neck is certainly second. I am sure you have seen those infomercials showing befores and afters of women’s necks since using certain product. If you stay on top of it now, you will never even get to that point.

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SPF! SPF! SPF! Say it with me. Sunscreen not only prevents skin cancer, but also wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, melasma, and more. So many signs of aging are due to the sun. Yes, a tan is nice for now, but is it really worth it when you have irreversible damage later on? Prevent those signs of aging by loading on the SPF daily, and even more so when you know you will be spending a decent amount of time outdoors, even in overcast. Also be sure to remember that sunscreen is not just for your face, but any other part of your body that is exposed to the harmful UV rays. Your shoulders, feet, and hands also need SPF. No matter your skin tone, SPF is necessary to prevent a handful of nasty problems. It truly is never too early to start preventative aging. So where will you begin?

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