Rebecca Lucas Talks Hair Color, Beauty Boxes, and Self-esteem Issues

As I was researching beauty subscription boxes for Openletr’s article “Beauty Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth It?,” I discovered Rebecca Lucas, a mom, YouTube reviewer and an overall fire, with a YouTube channel loaded with everything you could ever want to know about subscription boxes.

Rebecca’s videos are perfect to watch in the morning. She is upbeat with high energy, puts her viewers in a happy mood first thing in the morning (something coffee wouldn’t do), and always seems to maintain a positive outlook. Like most of us, Rebecca is not a makeup artist, but is all about the joy of makeup, and dives into it like a child with finger paints and a bare canvas. She does what she wants, she uses what she likes, and is unapologetically real.

Anyone looking for a new YouTube channel to explore, a woman with killer subscription box reviews or a new internet friend with an amazing personality, should subscribe right now. And, if for some reason you are still not convinced, read on to learn more about how she became the awe-inspiring woman.

Openletr: Please introduce yourself so our readers can get to know you. Share a bit about your background and how you got to where you are today.

Rebecca: Hi, my name is Rebecca. I am a YouTube influencer and a stay-at-home mom with two young kids. Before I had my children, I was a theatre actress, studying and performing first in Los Angeles, then in Delaware, and New York. I have an M.F.A. in Theatre, and while I love being on stage, I wasn't willing to give up spending time with my kids to pursue it further. I enjoy traveling, reading (or listening to audiobooks), exercising, cooking, drinking wine, and playing with makeup.

Openletr: What is it that got you interested in starting a beauty related YouTube channel?

Rebecca: Watching YouTube beauty channels was always my guilty pleasure. I loved watching the other beauty bloggers in action, and I wanted to join in on the fun. Although I wish I had the skill set, I'm not a makeup artist, so I thought reviews would be the way to go, and it turns out that's where I found my grind.

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Openletr: I adore your colored hair! It is such a fun style! When did you first start dying your hair such unique shades? And what gave you the confidence to rock it?

Rebecca: Thanks! I started dying my hair about four years ago. I was bored with my hair, and had seen a lot of two-toned looks that I loved. I finally bought a box of Splat and went for it. I wasn't brave enough to do more than just a small section of hair. I had never bleached my hair before, so I was nervous. But once I made the plunge, I loved the results! I've since gotten better at it, braver with it, and found products I especially like :) I feel like it's my signature look, and I like that I have a thing — "the mom with the blue hair."

Openletr: I notice you do a lot of unboxing videos. Where did that intrigue in subscription boxes begin?

Rebecca: I had been getting Birchbox for about a year before I started my channel. It was a great way to try new makeup without spending more than $10/month. After starting my channel, I ended up getting a couple more boxes to review, because they were popular, and I was curious. New boxes were popping up everywhere. They still are! Eventually, companies started reaching out to me to do unboxings for them. I even started my own subscription box, but it was so time-consuming, we eventually shut it down.

Openletr: What are your favorite and least favorite things about being a member of the beauty community?

Rebecca: I love feeling like I'm connecting with other like-minded people. I love learning new techniques, about new products, new ways to use old products, and the beauty community is so fun and creative! Sometimes there can be drama and scandals, but I honestly just try to stay out of it. Being part of such a creative and interesting subculture has been fulfilling, engaging and fun!

Openletr: How do you maintain your identity and uniqueness in such an overcrowded space?

Rebecca: For one thing, I don't think it is overcrowded. It's huge, but there is always room for another voice, another talent, another take on things. I think my uniqueness comes from maintaining my identity. My life isn't rooted in YouTube or beauty, it's rooted in my family and friends, so I tend to not get swept up in the latest thing that everyone is doing, or all the drama. I'm just over here doing my own thing and having a good time :)

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Openletr: What is it that makes you love makeup so much?

Rebecca: It is temporary, colorful, fun, and has the ability to completely change the way a person looks and feels. It can boost your confidence, portray a mood, lift your spirits, be scary, or awe-inspiring. It's an art form, a creative catharsis, a conversation starter, a bonding experience. It's all-inclusive and accessible. Makeup is wonderful.

Openletr Have you ever struggled with self-image issues (acne, body image, etc.)? If so, how do you deal with that and what advice would you give someone struggling with the same thing?

Rebecca: Of course! Who hasn't??? I've struggled with my weight, acne, thinking the good looks I do have are all I have to offer, so if I don't have those, who will love me? Being on YouTube can sometimes amplify those feelings, but the best advice I was ever given is to treat myself like I would my best friend. Would you tell your best friend she's fat, ugly and worthless? Never in a million years! I love everything about her, even on her bad days ;)

Openletr: If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting to get into the beauty world, what would it be?

Rebecca: Just do it! Jump on in and give it your all :) Don't be afraid and don't hold back. Also, delete negative comments as soon as you see them. The internet is full of trolls, do not engage.

Openletr: Why do you think beauty/makeup is such a vital part of people’s lives around the world?

Rebecca:  I don't want it to be vital, I want it to be fun. I want it to be there, because I love it, not because it's vital.

Courtesy of Rebecca Lucas, Los Angeles, California, USA

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