Red Is Resilient: A Beautiful Message from Model Sara Geurts

Body positivity model, Sara Geurts recently launched her “Red is Resilient” message on Instagram. This movement was created to reject the idea that there is an ideal beach body. For what seems like centuries, summer has been a season that has made women nervous and hesitant to reveal their bodies to the world.

Geurts herself is a 27-year-old model, who suffers with a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos that causes her skin to appear extremely elastic and older than it is. Her story, struggling with this, led her to viral fame. And she has since used that voice and platform to empower women through diversity.

Red Is Resilient - OPENLETR 1.jpg

Photo via Yahoo

The photoshoot for Red is Resilient features various women who are often overlooked in mainstream media. Women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, body types, and with mental and physical conditions came together to promote inclusivity in red bikini.

With the photoshoot and this message, Geurts has shown how beautiful each and everyone of these women are no matter how they look or are perceived by society. They each have their own shape, color, and size, but all are beautiful thanks to those differences. With the photos taken by Geurts’ life partner and photographer, Briana Berglund, the results are not only extraordinary, but also empowering.

Most of these women grew up struggling with self-acceptance and self-love. Certain skin conditions launch inquiries from strangers, many of which include asking if they had poison ivy or experience skin burn, when in reality it is how they've known themselves. But through their experiences, their strengths and confidence held resilience. Many of these women felt that standing with other women who are underrepresented or not represented at all gave them a power like nothing else.   

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Photo via @SaraGeurts

One of the participants, Carmen Rene, noted that this was an opportunity to initiate awareness. She shared the message, “all bodies are beach bodies, and the standard of beauty we see every day isn’t the standard we should hold ourselves to.” She even compared the group photo to a popular bikini ad to influence big companies to expand their options, and for girls not fitting the “standard” of beauty to know they are indeed beautiful.

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Photo via Yahoo

Yes, the women in the top photo are gorgeous with a wide spectrum of beauty, not just the one idea of it, which we've been accustomed to. And that is what makes this a beautiful message that rings true to just about every woman out there. No matter your skin, your size, and your shape, you are not alone!