Safety Apps for Women Travelling Alone

Empowering yourself through travelling is a worldly way to discover the woman you are and the one you are to become. Unfortunately, it would be unwise to do this without safety measures, especially if you are travelling alone. It takes courage and self-confidence to decide to travel solo, so kudos to you for getting this far in the planning process. You do need to get down-low on becoming street smart, as there are more nefarious energies in this world than you would like to know about. Here are four apps to help you avoid certain circumstances, and should you ever find yourself in a dire situation, you will have the knowledge and tools to get you safely out it. Before leaving for your trip, download these apps and play around with them to get yourself familiar with the user-experience.


This app has been designed to connect women travelers and enable companionship. The app has a team of connected professionals, who approves every woman applicant wanting to join, making it safe and reliable. Travelers can even choose to meet up prior to their trips to get familiar with one another. This is a no string attached app, so you are not bound to remain with your companion during your trip, though we recommend not letting other women hanging in unknown cities.


As much as we celebrate women’s freedom, it seems best to take calculated risks. Avoid dodgy bars, pubs, and clubs as much as you can when in a new area until you get to know the city and its neighborhoods better. In the meantime, if you find yourself in a state of boredom, download free online games or visit You can play games without needing to download the app. So in the event you find yourself with low data coverage, will provide countless hours of entertainment!

RedZone Map

If you are visiting a new city, you are obviously going to want to explore. RedZone Map is the app you want to have when doing so. The application gets its data from governmental agencies to specify, on your mobile map, which areas are high crime zones and which are safe. You can tell them apart from the different colored pin points on the map, and can choose the safest route to get to your destination. Isn’t this great?


The world is unfortunately cruel to uninformed women. People tend to take advantage of the ignorant, so make sure you aren’t left vulnerable by downloading the CalConvert app, which ensures you don’t get ripped off when booking accommodation or hustling for a bargain. The app converts your currency into the currency you are using at the time of your travels and vice versa. It comes in pretty handy, especially if you are touring and not familiar with all the countries’ various exchange rates. It has a unit converter and calculator, which can convert up to 150 different currencies, and is available in 24 languages.

Cover photo via The Blonde Abroad