Setting Sprays: Do They Actually Work?

Whether you shop at Sephora or regularly watch YouTube beauty tutorials, you have probably seen at least a few rave reviews on makeup setting sprays. This is a newer and final step in your beauty routine. A setting spray actually behaves like a hairspray, but for your face.

So do setting sprays really work?

Yes, and for different reasons: be it for longevity or shine control, dewyness, or just to lock everything in. Setting sprays tend to be more hydrating than powders, and can be used in conjunction with them. Not to mention they are super refreshing as a spritz to boost tired or dry skin throughout the day.

With that being said, not all setting sprays are made equal. There are some that have become holy grails for many, but some are not so wonderful. We have come across a few that have wonky nozzles, causing the spray to shoot out in spurts rather than a fine mist. Others leave the skin feeling tacky, sticky, and even suck the moisture from your skin. And worst of all, some do nothing whatsoever.

So which ones are worth it?

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Well, all the ones from Urban Decay to start with. They are so amazing that they actually have their very own page on the Urban Decay website. With four options available, there is something that will suit all beauty looks and all skin types. First off, the one that is the most universally loved is the All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. This product not only prevents that midday makeup meltdown, but it keeps your makeup looking freshly applied all throughout the night without adding any sort of weird feeling to your skin. They have also recently launched a newer version of the All Nighter called Pollution Protection Environmental Defense Makeup Setting Spray, which protects your skin and makeup from the harmful effects of pollution along with its original claims. Then for you oily skin ladies, Urban Decay made their De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray specifically for you. With a weightless feel this mist keeps your skin looking matte until you take it off. And when you choose a mist like this, you never have to worry about looking cakey as you might when powdering the shine away. My personal favorite is the Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray. This is the ideal refreshing facial mist for that glow your dry skin may be lacking. By the way, all of the Urban Decay setting sprays are both vegan and cruelty-free.

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For low cost option, Milani Cosmetics offers their Make It Last Setting Spray to provide you with 16 hour wear. This has a lovely scent, and truly keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. If you hate touching up your makeup, this setting spray will prevent creasing, blotchiness, and shine, so there is no need to double check in a mirror. Rather you will want to take a look in a mirror just to see how perfect your makeup is still looking.

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Smashbox has been long known for their beloved Photo Finish primers. But the Photo Finish Primer Water may actually be even better. With a lightweight feel on the skin, this spray preps your skin before makeup, and refreshes it after. This is also ideal for anyone looking to amp up the dewiness in their foundation, or put a natural spin on a matte look. This maybe the most versatile setting spray of the bunch. As it can be used to prep, set, or refresh the skin at all hours, its uses are infinite.

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An oldie but a goodie is Mac Prep + Prime Fix +. Before setting sprays were all the rage this multipurpose spray was a go to. And it still is. Not only does this refresh and awaken the skin, but as the name says it preps, primes, and fixes the makeup. You can also use this with a makeup sponge to add some hydration to your foundation, spritz some on an eyeshadow brush and create a foiled or more pigmented look, along with millions of other uses. In fact, Mac knew Fix + was so popular they recently launched three additional versions. On top of the original they now offer coconut, lavender, and rose. So take your pick, and fix your makeup, plus more.

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And finally, an option that is ideal for the ladies that despise the feeling of SPF on their skin. The Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30 is 70% organic, and makes applying your sun protection easier than ever. With a lightweight feel and matte finish, this spray is ideal for those with sensitive skin. It is infused with aloe and cucumber to soothe the skin, and hyaluronic acid to soften and hydrate dry skin. Not to mention, it even takes your makeup a step further by helping to blur pores and fine lines. And of course the SPF 30 makes it an all in one makeup setting spray.

These beauty boosters have quickly become a requirement in every makeup lovers’ routine. And there is good reason for this obsession with makeup setting sprays. Just try one, and you will see for yourself. Never fuss about fading coverage or creasing concealer again, with the locking and setting powers of these beauty sprays, you can rock your killer look all day and night.



Photo Credit: Cover gif via The Odyssey Online, first photo via Urban Decay, second photo via Milani Cosmetics, third photo via Smashbox Cosmetics, fourth photo via MAC Cosmetics, and fifth photo via COOLA

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