Summer Beauty Blunders and How To Fix Them

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We wait for summer to roll around all year, but once it hits it hits hard. Along with the sunshine, cool breeze, and beach days come tons of beauty blunders. Enough so, in fact, that summer can become more of a hassle than a hallelujah. Everything from razor burn to melting makeup and, especially, sunburn can take your summer vacation dreams and turn them into sweaty nightmares.

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One of the banes of my summer existence is razor burn and razor bumps. I am all excited to wear shorts and dresses, but the red marks up and down my legs are not pretty and do not go with my style. All winter you forget about such hassles, and then bam they show up with a vengeance. And this year, I finally found a product that has helped my under arms, my legs, and even my bikini area. The cult favorite product, Tend Skin does it all. After just a week of using a few drops of this liquid on a cotton pad wherever you remove hair, you will not remember what it is like to have razor bumps. Just be sure to keep up with using it or else those suckers will come back. Plus this is great at preventing unsightly and painful ingrown hairs. But, if you cut yourself shaving be careful, this can burn a bit, sort of like a nick stick, but it does help stop the bleeding. I will never not have this baby on hand.

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Ahhh, sunburn — the painful and dangerous burning of the skin that is bound to happen at least once every summer. Of course you can prepare and avoid sunburn by wearing SPF, wearing it properly, and covering up with hats and the like. But there is always that one day you forgot to reapply or weren’t planning on spending the day outdoors. Well there is good news, recently a sunburn hack has been floating around the web and it actually works. We have all heard you can use tea bags or aloe vera to soothe a burn. And yes those can help, but only for so long, and only really with the pain. If you want to try something a bit unconventional, Barbasol with Menthol is the answer. Yes, you read that correctly. Shaving cream can not only help to soothe your sunburned skin, but with only a few uses it can actually make the sunburn fade entirely. And this method has even been backed up by actual doctors because the ingredients in shaving cream are super hydrating and soothing. Simply coat the sunburned area with a thick layer of shaving cream (do not rub it in) and let it sit for no longer than 30 minutes. You will be able to feel the skin cooling almost immediately. Then rinse it off and repeat once a day until the sunburn is gone. Just remember this does not undo the damage to your skin and is not an excuse to stop using SPF. It is a just in case method and should only be used if your skin is not already peeling or blistering.

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Oily skin or not, the heat of the summer causes makeup to melt right off. Now you can layer up the powder, pack up some oil absorbing sheets, and pray your makeup lasts, or you can take some more effective steps to keep your makeup in place. First up, try a primer or primer spray if you hate having an extra layer on your skin like I do. But if you do opt for a primer, you will want something that is oil absorbing or pore minimizing. These ingredients help prevent your makeup from breaking down throughout the day. If you have drier skin just keep this focused in the areas that tend to get shiny like the forehead and nose. Then use a lightweight foundation. You might think the heavier the better, but lighter products sink into the skin better and will actually cling rather than sliding right off your face. Then for bronzer, blush and highlight, try to reach for cream products. That might seem counterintuitive, but powder products break apart when mixed with sweat and heat. Cream and liquid products however absorb into the skin and stick around much longer on a hot day. If you are really worried, you can always layer powders on top of liquids and creams for double duty. Finally, only powder your most oily areas, so your skin doesn’t look cakey, and finish with a setting spray to lock everything in.

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Smudging mascara is a real struggle. Whether due to sweat, a summer rainstorm, or crying at a beautiful sunset, looking like hot mess/raccoon is not ideal. Reaching for a waterproof formula is of course a go-to for these situations. Some ladies even switch over to waterproof mascaras for the whole season. That is a great idea and truly works, but if you are like me and despise removing waterproof products at the end of the day just use a little. What I mean by that is instead of loading up your lashes with a waterproof mascara, just swipe on one layer of it over the top to be a barrier of sorts. This way it will be way easier to remove, but will stand up much longer.

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As everyone and their mother’s great aunt knows by now, dry shampoo is an oily haired girl’s BFF. Being one myself, I can tell you I have dry shampoo bottles all over — One in my bag, one in the bathroom, one on my vanity. And it does work. But sweat and grease are not always the same thing. Having greasy roots can be remedied with dry shampoo, but if you have been sweating and the nap of your neck and hairline are sticky, I have a better solution. First of, use a scalp exfoliator. If you really want to get the built up gunk out of your hair, this will do it. This is also great for after a beach day of seaweed, sand, and saltwater. The Briogeo Scalp Revival is a must have. It is super gentle, but also rebalances all the weirdness happening up there. And for regular maintenance Heads & Shoulders has been my savior. Now I do not have a dry scalp or dandruff, but something about Head & Shoulders just cleans my hair perfectly, and doesn’t leave it dry at all. I don’t even use conditioner in the shower anymore! This will let you go longer without washing and keep the oil away from your locks. But when those lazy days come, load up on the dry shampoo.  

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Oily eyelids are always creasing, with or without makeup. And in the summer, that creasing is 100x worse. Plus any eyeliner you wear drifts up onto your lid creating an unintentional cut crease. So how can you remedy that? Eyeshadow primer. I am sure you already know about this. And if you are anything like me have tried every one under the sun, but using primer and a few extra steps really keeps your look in place. Personally I use the NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer as it is affordable and equivalent to high end versions. But I do not go directly into applying shadows after patting that in. I do my brows while I let that set. Then I top the set primer with a loose face powder. I then do my face makeup while that is setting, and finally complete my eye look. And seriously this makes my lids not crease for 8+ hours. And that is unheard. Light layers might seem complicated and time consuming, but being able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and know my eye look is still snatched is amazing.

Have a gorgeous and cool rest of your summer without all these heat induced beauty blunders bringing you down.


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